Medarex Inc. has filed an application to begin a Phase I/II trialin France of MDX-240, its Bispecific antibody therapeutic forthe treatment of HIV.

MDX-240 combines two monoclonal antibodies, one that targetsand binds to gp41, a protein expressed on HIV-infected cells,and a trigger antibody that attaches to a receptor on immunecells. The patented trigger antibody binds to the receptor andthe target cell at the same time, triggering the receptor. TheFrench trial will involve approximately 30 HIV-infectedpatients at multiple centers.

Medarex has two other bispecific antibodies in clinical trials.MDX-210, which consists of fragments of two monoclonalantibodies linked together, is in a Phase I/II trial for treatmentof breast and ovarian cancer. MDX-11 is in Phase II trials fortreatment of acute myeloid leukemia. Two other bispecificcompounds, one targeting both melanoma and glioma andanother targeting neuroblastoma, are in preclinicals at theInstitut Curie in Paris. -- Brenda Sandburg

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