Vestar Inc. announced Wednesday that it has started Phase Itrials of MiKasome, a liposomal formulation of the antibioticamikacin.

Preclinical data from tuberculosis and mycobacterium aviuminfection models resistant to traditional chemotherapeuticshave demonstrated that MiKasome produces a significantkilling effect.

Vestar's third drug to enter the clinic, MiKasome, will beanalyzed for safety and pharmacokinetics.

Vestar (NASDAQ:VSTR) of San Dimas, Calif., has used liposomalformulations of other drugs to limit side effects. Amikacin is anaminoglycoside antibiotic that is used against many infectionsbut that can exhibit a high degree of toxicity, including kidneydamage and hearing loss, at effective doses.

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