Quadra Logic Technologies Inc. of Vancouver, British Columbia, announced Tuesday thatit has received regulatory clearance from the Health Protection Branch in Canada to marketits light-activated drug Photofrin for treating recurrent superficial papillary bladdercancer in patients who have failed other forms of therapy.

Photofrin is used in photodynamic therapy, which is a two-step process. First, the drugis injected into patients intravenously and allowed to accumulate in tumors, whileclearing from most other tissues. Then Photfrin is activated by light from a medicallaser, which makes it produce a form of oxygen that is toxic to the tumors.

In a U.S.-based multicenter clinical trial. patients receiving a single intrabladdertreatment with Photofrin had a 45 percent recurrence rate of the bladder cancer; 83percent of the control patients developed new tumor growth.

American Cyanamid Co. (NYSE:ACY) is QuadraLogic's (NASDAQ:QLTIF) co-development,marketing and distribution partner for cancer and dermatology applications of photodynamictherapy.

Quadra Logic's stock closed at $8.88 a share on Tuesday, down 88 cents.

-- Jennifer Van Brunt