Gynex Pharmaceuticals Inc. on Wednesday said it has receivedapproval to charge for Oxandrin in Canada when the drug isprescribed for use in Turner's syndrome and in constitutionalgrowth delay.

The approval from the Canadian Health Protection Bureau addsto the company's treatment IND in the United States, which alsoallows it to recover costs of production, distribution andresearch on the drug.

The Vernon Hills, N.J., company (NASDAQ:GYNX) is testing thesteroid in U.S. Phase III trials for the two indications and plansto add clinical centers in Canada as well, president StephenSimes told BioWorld.

Gynex hopes to start clinical tests of the agent's anti-wastingeffects in AIDS by the end of the first quarter, Simes added.

The stock closed Wednesday at $2.56, up 81 cents.

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