Unipath Ltd. of Britain has chosen Cytogen Corp. as adevelopment partner for its cancer monoclonal antibodyprogram.

"Cytogen is the only one to successfully bring these kind ofmonoclonal antibodies to market," said Cytogen spokeswomanMary Beals.

Unipath, a medical products company of Unilever, granted thePrinceton, N.J., company exclusive worldwide rights to theresearch and development program. The rights include fivemonoclonal antibodies that target breast, colorectal and ovariantumors, four of which originated from the Imperial CancerResearch Fund.

Unipath looked for a partner because it did not have anongoing commitment to develop the products, Beals said.Although terms of the licensing agreement were not disclosed,she said typical agreements include up-front payments,milestone payments, royalty streams, co-marketing and co-promotion.

"The monoclonal antibodies and technology obtained areextremely complimentary to the Cytogen product developmentprogram," said chairman and chief executive officer GeorgeEbright, "and allow us to broaden our business in the cancerimaging and therapy markets."

Cytogen will receive rights to the relevant Unilever patents,technology, scientific and clinical data as well as state-of-the-art technology for humanizing monclonal antibodies. Two of themonoclonal antibodies have been evaluated clinically andhumanized. Encouraging results from these trials have beennoted in the diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancer.

Cytogen (NASDAQ:CYTO) is a biopharmaceutical company thatuses patented, proprietary antibody "linker" technology todevelop specific cancer diagnostic imaging and cancertherapeutic products. HNancy Garcia

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