Deprenyl Animal Health Inc. said Friday it has received a U.S.patent for the use of L-deprenyl in all mammals, includinghumans, to maintain body weight during aging.

"It opens up a very wide window," analyst David Saks ofGruntal and Co. told BioWorld. L-deprenyl is a selectivemonoamine oxidase type B inhibitor that has been approved inthe U.S. and other countries as an adjunct therapy inParkinson's disease, a degenerative disease of the centralnervous system.

The Overland Park, Kan., company is evaluating the effect of L-deprenyl on normal aging in otherwise healthy mammals.

Deprenyl Animal Health has received two prior patents to usethe compound to treat Cushing's disease and cognitivedysfunction in dogs.

The company has an investigational new animal drug (IND)exemption with FDA and Canadian regulatory authorities. Testson the efficacy of Deprenyl (brand name Anipryl) in canineCushing's disease are planned for 1993, and a pilot study of itsefficacy in cognitive dysfunction in pet dogs is currently underway.

Scientifically documented evidence on the effect of thecompound on normal aging processes indicates that L-deprenylmight someday be applied to "maintain the quality of life," Sakssaid.

Eli Lilly and Co. and Hoffmann La Roche have also worked onmonoamine oxidase type B inhibitors that could be developedfor a range of indications, including Parkinson's or Alzheimer'sdisease, Roche spokeswoman Darien Wilson said.

Deprenyl Animal Health's stock (NASDAQ:DAHI) was down 25cents a share on Friday to $2.38.

-- Nancy Garcia Associate Editor

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