Deprenyl Research Ltd. (DRL) will advance Deprenyl Animal HealthInc. (DAHI) $2.5 million to be used through 1995 for development ofDAHI's product Anipryl for the treatment of geriatric conditions in petdogs.Payback, at DRL's option, will be by way of loan bearing interest atU.S. prime plus 1 percent over four years starting in 1997, or an equitypurchase, or a combination of the two. DRL now owns 33 percent ofDAHI, a DAHI spokeswoman told BioWorld. The $2.5 million shouldget DAHI through 1995, she said.There are about 52 million pet dogs in the U.S., and 14 percent of themare age 11 or older, the spokeswoman said. DAHI of Overland Park,Kan., is developing Anipryl (L-deprenyl) to treat canine cognitivedysfunction and canine Cushing's disease. The company plans to testAnipryl later in all mammals, including humans.

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