The Liposome Co. Inc.'s (TLC) liposomal doxorubicin compound,TLC D-99, has elicited a high response rate in patients withmetastatic breast cancer. Clinical investigator Gerald Batist ofMontreal General Hospital reported the Phase II clinical trialdata last week at the 15th Annual San Antonio Breast CancerSymposium sponsored by the University of Texas HealthScience Center in San Antonio.

TLC D-99 elicited a 60 percent response rate (i.e., reduction intumor burden) in 29 evaluable patients whose tumors hadspread to the liver, lung and bone marrow. As well, TLC D-99exhibited a favorable toxicity profile: compared to conventionaldoxorubicin, the patients experienced milder side effects andno clinical cardiotoxicity.

"Eleven patients received cumulative doses of more than 450milligrams per square meter [the dose above which the drugalone can cause life-threatening heart damage]," said StephenSaletan, the Princeton, N.J. firm's vice president of medicalaffairs. "If we see such results in comparative studies withlarger numbers of patients, the benefits offered by TLC D-99could be substantial."

TLC's stock (NASDAQ:LIPO) closed Monday at $13.25, down 25cents a share.

-- Jennifer Van Brunt Senior Editor

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