BioWorldLs weekly European patent preview lists inalphabetical order by assignee, and briefly summarizes, allsalient biotechnology patent applications as they are madepublic in Europe.European patent offices publish full texts of patent applicationsworldwide within six months of their filing, and months toyears before the corresponding U.S. patent issues.

Two organizations comprise the European system:

-- The European Patent Office (EPO) covers the dozen membercountries of the European Economic Community.

-- The World Intellectual Property Organization (WO) serves alarger number of countries around the world.

Published Sept. 30 (EPO) and Oct. 1 (WO )

Applied Research Systems Human FSH WO 92/16620Curaao, Neth. Antilles receptorPure human follicle stimulating hormone receptor, DNAencoding it, expression vectors and cells transformed bythem, culturing these cells.

Biogen Inc. Lymphocyte WO 92/16622Cambridge, Mass. function assoc. antigenMonoclonals to LFA-3 block adhesion to lymphocytes of LFA-3-expressing cells. DNA sequences for fusion proteins of CD4binding domain.

Boehringer Ingelheim Improved EPO 505 811Ingelheim, Germany acidic fibroblast GFProcess for obtaining a new plasmid to produce integral aFGF, adrug for protecting myocardium from ischemic reperfusioninjury.

Bristol-Myers-Squibb Co. Chimeric WO 92/16228New York transforming GF-betaQuantity production of a chimeric TGF-b by eukaryotic hostcells transfected with vectors containing a precursor codingsequence.

Carnegie-Mellon Univ. Inositol- EPO 506 289Pittsburgh excreting yeastGenetically engineered yeast cell with a functional, stablerecombinant DNA sequence to continually produce inositolor inositol-containing metabolites.

Children's Hospital Controlling WO 92/16220&547Boston killer-cell responsescDNA encoding human NK-1, NK-2 (natural killer cell) receptorscloned; recombinant proteins used to reduce pain, treatinflammatory diseases, asthma.

Elf Sanofi Cytokine-like EPO 506 574Paris recombinant proteinGenetically engineering a recombinant protein 115 amino acidslong, with cytokine-like activity.

Florida, U. of Recombinant WO 92/16615Gainesville ethanol recombinant hostsExpression vectors comprising genes coding for alcoholhydrogenase and pyruvate decarboxylae, and host organismstransformed by them.

Genentech, Inc. Beta integrin WO 92/16621S. San Francisco subunitcDNA encoding beta-integrin-8 subunit, isolated from rabbitand human tissue, and sequenced. Subunit used in preparingantibodies and diagnostics.

Gist-Brocades Arabinan- EPO 506 190Delft, Netherlands degrading fungal enzymesCloning and expression of DNA molecules from fungi, whichencode enzymes having arabinan-degrading activity;enhanced expression in microbial host cells.

Green Cross Corp. Cloning a EPO 506 040Osaka, Japan mutant AOX2 promoterMutant is derived from natural AOX2 promoter by basesequence manipulation. Plasmid, host organism provided forheterologous protein expression.

Hoechst AG Herbicide- WO 92/16101Frankfurt, Germany resistant maize linesSelected for resistance to aryloxy-phenoxyalkane carboxylicacid herbicides, maize cell lines, calluses and plantsregenerate, transmit trait to progeny.

Hoffmann-La Roche, F. Chimeric EPO 505 908Basel, Switzerland polypeptides to treat AIDSDNA sequence and sub-sequences coding for ligand binding siteof human receptor or antigen; vector, host to express suchpolypeptides to treat AIDS.

HSC R&D Ltd. Production of WO 92/16618Newfoundland, Canada transgenic fishGene sequence of an "all fish" chimera, expressed in transfectedfish to create progeny with desired genetic characteristics.

Kabi Pharmacia AB Recombinant WO 92/16557Stockholm, Sweden factor VIII derivativesDNA sequence encoding bioactive heavy and light chains ofhuman factor VIII derivative, linked by metal ion bond;expression vector, animal host cell.

Merck & Co. Vascular EPO 506 477Rahway, N.J. cell growth factorVascular endothelial cell GF C subunit DNA, prepared by PCR,encodes mammalian endothelial cell mitogen for tissuedevelopment, repair.

Otsuka Pharm. Co. Antibodies to EPO 505 749Tokyo endothelial cellsMonoclonal antibodies that bind specifically to identifiedantigens on IL-1 activated endothelial cells; useful fortreating inflammatory responses.

Salk Institute DNA response WO 92/16546La Jolla, Calif. elementsDNA segments conferring responsiveness to ligands ofsteroid/thyroid superfamily of receptors, to activate orrepress transcriptional promoters.

Smithkline Beecham Biol. HIV vaccine, WO 92/16556Rixensart, Belgium immunotherapySubstantially uncleavable forms of gp160; AIDS vaccineformulations containing it or its derivatives, adjuvanted with3-D Mpl.

Synergen Inc. PEGylation WO 92/16221Boulder, Colo. of polypeptidesIL-1 receptor antagonist, 30kD TNF inhibitor IL-2 receptors areamong biologically active groups, "at least one of which ispolypeptidic."

Takara Shuzo Co. L-fucose EPO 506 262Kyoto, Japan dehydrogenaseIsolated gene encoding L-fucose dehydrogenase, together withits expression vector and host microorganism to produce thisenzyme.

United States of America Flu proteins WO 92/16619Springfield, Va. in baculovirusNucleoprotein genes of influenza A and B viruses constructedfrom virion RNA, expressed in Spodoptera frugiperda cells, viabaculovirus vector, for serodiagnosis.

Wayne State University Detecting EPO 505 605Detroit DNA overlapsProbes to detect overlaps among cloned DNA molecules employlabeled low-frequency repetitive sequences, including DNAfrom same genomic location.

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