Cantab Pharmaceuticals and its collaborative partner,Cambridge University, reported at a recent herpes virusworkshop promising preclinical results from studies of thecompany's HSV-1 vaccine.

Cantab reported at the17th International Herpes VirusWorkshop in Edinburgh, Scotland, early studies showing that aprototype disabled infectious single cycle (DISC) HSV-1 vaccinewas 100 times more effective in preventing development ofthe herpes virus HSV-1 in a mouse model than a conventionalkilled vaccine.

The Cambridge, England, company has filed a patent applicationcovering the DISC virus technology, its application in theprevention and treatment of viral diseases, and the company'spotential product, TA-HSV.

The technology involves the removal from a whole virus of agene necessary for replication of the virus. The disabled virusis able to elicit a full immune response equivalent to that of awhole live virus without replicating or spreading infection.

Cantab intends to target the technology for the treatment ofgenital herpes and is developing a genetically modified herpessimplex virus product, TA-HSV. The company believes TA-HSVwill enhance immune response to the virus and reduce thefrequency and severity of lesions associated with the disease.

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