CellPro Inc. researchers have presented findings showing thatbreast cancer patients infused with concentrated stem cells hadfewer cancer cells in the infused marrow and recovered bonemarrow as quickly as standard autologous bone marrowtransplant patients.

Researchers from the Bothell, Wash., company (NASDAQ:CPRO)and the University of Colorado Cancer Center presented datafrom Phase I/II studies in 35 breast cancer patients at lastweek's American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting in SanDiego.

Patients were treated with high-dose chemotherapy andreceived autologous bone marrow transplants (ABMT) ofmarrow enriched with concentrated stem cells using CellProtechnology.

The technology uses an antibody that attaches to the CD34molecule on the surface of stem cells, so that fewer cancer cellswere reinfused into patients. Using other antibodies, theuniversity researchers tested the marrow for cancer cellsbefore and after the concentration process.

Marrow recovery occurred 20 days after the concentrated stemcells were infused, which is comparable to standard ABMT.When patients were also treated with granulocyte colonystimulating factor, recovery was shortened to 12 days.

Common side effects of marrow transfusion, such as nausea,vomiting, slow heart rate and high blood pressure, weremarkedly reduced, the researchers said, because of the 100-fold volume reduction achieved with the method comparedwith standard ABMT.

A Phase III trial in breast cancer patients is scheduled to beginin three to four weeks. The stock gained 75 cents to $11 onFriday.

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