Biopool International Inc. has received FDA clearance to beginselling a kit to detect a hereditary bleeding disorder called vonWillebrand's disease, the company said Thursday.

The kit uses freeze-dried human platelets and a plateletaggregant called ristocetin. If a patient has the disorder --estimated to affect one in 125 individuals -- the ristocetin co-factor in plasma will be missing and the platelets will fail toaggregate.

The company estimates the market at $3 million to $5 millionannually. Competing products are on the market, but Biopoolhas "a good distribution network" built around its products fordiagnosis of bleeding disorders, fibrinolysis and cardiovascularconditions, said Michael Bick, chief executive at the Ventura,Calif., company.

The stock (NASDAQ:BIPL) closed unchanged at $1.50. -- RF

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