Deprenyl Research Ltd. has received Canadian marketingapproval for Eldepryl as a first-line treatment for Parkinson'sdisease, the company announced on Tuesday.

Eldepryl deprenyl had previously been approved in Canada foruse in combination with L-dopa in late-stage Parkinson'sdisease.

"Deprenyl blocks the brain enzyme responsible for inactivationof dopamine, the transmitter which modulates ourmovements," said Roger Mailhot, director of scientific affairs atthe Toronto-based company (NASDAQ:DEPLF). It's not known,however, if the drug's efficacy is related to that activity, hesaid.

Deprenyl estimates that 30,000 Canadian patients would beeligible for treatment. In 1991, Eldepryl sales were $11.6million.

The company's shares rose 50 cents to $11.63.

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