Gensia Pharmaceuticals Inc. said Wednesday that it isbeginning Phase III trials of its GenESA System to diagnosepatients with coronary artery disease.

The trials, to be conducted at about 60 medical centers in theUnited States, Europe and Canada, will test the system as anadjunct to electrocardiography, echocardiography andradionuclide imaging.

GenESA combines the drug arbutamine and a computer-controlled drug delivery system designed to pharmacologicallystress the heart. A primary use for the test will be in patientswho are unable to undergo exercise stress tests or who havehad inconclusive exercise stress ECG tests.

The San Diego company (NASDAQ:GNSA) estimates that up to1.5 million patients are unable to exercise adequately to takeconventional stress tests. In addition, of the 6 million exercisestress tests performed annually in the U.S., 20 percent to 30percent are inconclusive.

Gensia shares closed unchanged at $33.13.

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