Harvey S. Sadow has been elected chairman of Cholestech Corp.,a privately held company focused on diagnosis, treatment andmonitoring of high blood cholesterol and other lipid disorders.Sadow was founding president and CEO of BoehringerIngelhiem Corp. until his retirement in 1988. Cholestech isbased in Hayward, Calif.

Oracle Diagnostics Inc. of Foster City, Calif., a development-phase biotech company developing diagnostic assays forinfectious diseases that utilize non-invasive specimens,announced four management appointments. John Supan,formerly a partner at Ernst and Young, was named vicepresident of finance and chief financial officer. AndrewMorozovsky, who was director of manufacturing at CholestechCorp., was named director of manufacturing. C. Kenneth Gibbs,who was general manager of the retrovirology section atHillcrest Biologicals, was named vice president of marketingand business development. And Joan M. Stein, previouslymanager of administration for the Oakland, Calif., office of CBCommercial Real Estate, was named manager of administration.

Quadra Logic Technologies Inc. said that Rashid Aziz hasresigned as chief financial officer. "The departure of Mr. Aziz,"said William J. Foran, president and CEO, "reflects the change atQLT from an entrepreneurial-style organization to a maturingpharmaceutical corporation with a stronger commercial focusand products entering the marketing approval stage." TheVancouver, British Columbia, company (NASDAQ:QLTIF) isdeveloping drugs that are activated by light.

Sphinx Pharmaceuticals Corp. of Durham, N.C., has appointedDavid P. Ward vice president of clinical development andSteadman D. Harrison vice president of preclinicaldevelopment. Ward was vice president and director ofSmithKline Beecham's Therapeutic Unit. Harrison is chairman ofdrug development for the hematology and pathology studysection of the American Cancer Society. Sphinx (NASDAQ:SPHX)is developing pharmaceuticals based on cell membrane lipids.

Magainin Pharmaceuticals Inc. appointed Taffy Williams vicepresident of research. Williams was director of the NavalMedical Research Institute's septic shock research program.Magainin (NASDAQ: MAGN) of Plymouth Mountain, Pa., isdeveloping host-defense pharmaceuticals for the treatment ofinfections, wounds and cancer.

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