American Biogenetic Sciences Inc. announced on Monday that ithas filed an investigational new drug application for its MH-1blood clot imaging agent.

MH-1, a monoclonal antibody fragment linked to technetium,determines the location and size of clots by targeting the fibrincomponent of blood clots. The antibody images clots in both thelungs and heart.

The Notre Dame, Ind., company (NASDAQ:MABXA) is joining acrowded field of companies that are vying for the $1 billionmarket for blood clot imaging agents. Centocor Inc. hascompleted Phase III trials of Fibriscint, another MAb linked totechnetium that targets fibrin. Bio-Technology General Corp. isentering the market with FBD (fibrin binding domain), afragment of fibronectin that binds to fibrin. FBD is used todetect clots in veins and in the lungs. Cytogen Corp. hasdeveloped Thromboscan, a small chain of amino acids linked totechnetium that targets the fibrinogen receptor on platelets.

ABS also hopes to enter an estimated $2 billion market usingMH-1 to deliver clot-busting medications. The company's stockclosed unchanged at $10 on Monday.-- Holly Ganz

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