Organogenesis Inc. has presented data showing that two of itshuman skin equivalents perform similarly to human skin intoxicology testing.

Testskin LSE incorporates both the dermal and epidermallayers of skin, including the stratum corneum of the epidermallayer. The stratum corneum reproduces the barrier function ofskin, preventing pathogens from entering the system.

According to the Cambridge, Mass., company (AMEX:ORG),Testskin performs like human skin in evaluating thepenetration and absorption of substances such as chemicals,cosmetics and sunscreens.

Organogenesis also said that its Living Dermal Model with MastCells, for testing inflammation caused by topical irritants,performs like human skin. Mast cells release histamine, leadingto tissue responses such as redness and swelling.

The data were presented at last week's meeting of the Societyfor Toxicology in Seattle. The company's stock was down 13cents to $16 on Monday.

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