Toxicology tests using Advanced Tissue Sciences Inc.'slaboratory-grown skin returned results closely correlated totraditional toxicity testing in animals, company scientists saidat the Society of Toxicology Conference in Seattle on Thursday.

The Skin2 ("skin squared") model was compared to skin andeye tests, including the Draize irritancy test in rabbit eyes, for avariety of chemicals, household products and preservatives.The human skin, which contains both dermis and the outerepidermis, gave test results that correlated highly withstandard test results. A correlation coefficient of .86 wasobtained, compared with lower values of .40 to .50 seen withother in vitro testing systems, the company said.

Skin2, obtained from foreskin tissue, is produced in thecompany's La Jolla, Calif., facility.

The company's stock (NASDAQ:ATISA) gained 88 cents to$15.13.

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