NeoRx Corp. has acquired an exclusive worldwide license to a cancertreatment technology invented at Stanford University.

The patented approach is called pre-targeting technology. Itsadvantage is that normal tissues should be exposed to less radiationwhile the cancer is irradiated, said Dr. Paul Abrams, president of theSeattle company.

In conventional form, radioimmunotherapy uses antibodies to bringradioactivity specifically to tumors. Pre-targeting uses a separateinjection of antibody, followed by the radiolabel linked to a smallmolecule. The antibody lodges in the cancerous area, and theradiolabel can attach to it there. Any unattached radiolabel will bequickly cleared from the rest of the body.

The patent protects the general strategy of pre-targeting, as well asthe specific small molecule ingredients that allow coupling ofantibody and radiolabel within the tumor, Abrams said.

NeoRx (NASDAQ:NERX) expects to get the technology into clinicaltesting within one to two years, Abrams told BioWorld. The stockclosed Friday at $5, up 6 cents. -- RF

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