Ecova Corp., a bioremediation company, has been acquired by Waste-Tech Services Inc. for an undisclosed sum.

Waste-Tech of Golden, Colo., a subsidiary of Amoco Oil Holding Co.,bought Ecova to round out its hazardous waste management andremediation services, said John Nepywoda, director of planning andcorporate development. Waste-Tech previously had nobioremediation capability.

Ecova, which uses naturally occurring microbes enhanced withnutrients and oxygen, will maintain its focus on remediation ofpetroleum products, the most common environmental contaminants,said Nepywoda. Ecova, which will continue to operate out of itsRedmond, Wash., offices, also has the capability to clean uptrichloroethylene.

"We have some terrific technologies," said John Cioffi, vicepresident of Ecova. "What we've lacked is the financial backing andaccess to clients to bring that technology to market quickly andefficiently."

Nepywoda speculated that other small bioremediation companiesmay end up being acquired. "It's been difficult for smallbioremediation companies to make it," he said. "It's hard for a smallcompany to go in and do large jobs." -- KB

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