British doctors reported that Vestar Inc.'s liposomal form ofamphotericin B cured a liver infection in a patient recoveringfrom leukemia.

Hepatic candidiasis, a fungal infection, can occur aftertreatment for leukemia, and the anti-fungal drug amphotericinB is often ineffective. A 28-year-old man diagnosed withleukemia and successfully treated with two courses ofchemotherapy developed the liver infection during a thirdcourse.

The infection only responded to the liposomal AmBisome,enabling the resumption of the third chemotherapy. A yearlater he was well and in remission.

"Liposomal formulations of amphotericin B are much bettertolerated (than the drug itself) ... without significant sideeffects," concluded the doctors from Bristol Royal Infirmary ina report to be published Saturday in The Lancet.

Stock of the San Dimas, Calif., company (NASDAQ:VSTR) closeddown 13 cents Thursday at $19.25. -- RF

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