Alza Corp. announced Monday that it has received marketingapproval from Germany, the United Kingdom and Luxembourgfor Actisite tetracycline fiber to treat periodontal disease.

Actisite consists of a polymer fiber that releases the antibiotictetracycline. The fiber is wrapped around the tooth and non-surgically inserted below the gum line for the duration of thetreatment, after which it is removed.

Actisite was developed jointly with On-Site Therapeutics Inc. ofWayland, Mass. The drug has been awaiting Food and DrugAdministration approval since December 1988.

Alza this month said it has purchased from On-Site marketingrights to Actisite in Europe, Japan and certain other countries.The company declined to say when it would begin sellingActisite. In the United States, Actisite will be marketed by apartnership between Alza of Palo Alto, Calif., and Proctor &Gamble.

Alza shares (AMEX:AZA) lost 50 cents on Monday, closing at$79.

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