The board of directors of Lidak Pharmaceuticals Inc. hasrelieved Fred A. Espinosa of his duties as president and chiefoperating officer, the company said on Wednesday.

The La Jolla, Calif.-based company declined to discuss thecircumstances surrounding the decision.

Some of Espinosa's duties will be performed temporarily by Dr.David Katz, Lidak's chairman and chief executive officer, saidMichael Lorber, chief financial officer. Last month, Lidakannounced that Katz would become CEO of a new Lidaksubsidiary to develop Lidakol, the company's anti-viral andanti-inflammatory product. The company is looking for a newCEO to take over Espinosa's responsibilities.

Before joining Lidak in August 1989, Espinosa served as actingpresident and CEO of Intek Inc.

Lidak's large multivalent immunogen program uses aninjectable artificial membrane coated with antigens to elicitimmune responses to tumors. The company also has a hu-PBL-SCID mouse model being used in contract work, and isdeveloping an assay for rapid measurement of unbound freefatty acid in blood plasma.

Lidakol is in Phase I trials to treat herpes simplex 2.

Lidak stock (NASDAQ:LDAKA) closed down 6 cents at $1.13 onWednesday. -- Karen Bernstein

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