Published results of a Phase II clinical trial of ProCyte Corp.'sIamin drug show that it decreases wound healing time by twodays, from 21 days to 19 days, compared with a placebo cream.

However, the 43-patient study, using patients recovering fromMoh's micrographic surgery, was too small to producestatistically significant results. To gain additional efficacyinformation, the Kirkland, Wash., company is conducting amulticenter Phase II trial in diabetic patients suffering fromchronic wounds on their feet and legs.

Iamin is a chemically synthesized chain of natural amino acidsbound with copper.

Results of the double-blind, randomized dose pilot study werepublished in the September/October issue of the journalWounds: A Compendium of Clinical Research and Practice.

ProCyte shares (NASDAQ:PRCY) closed at $8.25, up 50 cents.

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