ProCyte Corp. for the first time has presented data on the modeof action of the company's Iamin peptide-copper compound inwound healing.

According to data presented last week at the Society forInvestigational Dermatology Conference in Carmel, Calif., thepeptide portion of the compound delivers the copper ion tofibroblast cells and the copper ion activates the fibroblast toproduce collagen. Fibroblasts are the cells that make collagen,one of the proteins required for wound healing.

"We determined that the peptide alone and the copper ionalone were not active in the collagen synthesis process," saidAndrew Branca, senior scientist.

The Kirkland, Wash., company (NASDAQ:PRCY) anticipatescompleting Phase II trials of Iamin for wound healing by theend of the second quarter and plans to enter Phase III trialsimmediately thereafter.

ProCyte stock closed at $11.88, down 13 cents, on Monday.

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