ProCyte Corp. on Friday said it has received a notice ofallowance for a U.S. patent on its peptide-copper compoundsthat help smooth wrinkles by increasing subcutaneous fat cellsin the skin.

ProCyte (NASDAQ:PRCY) has conducted preclinical studies ofthese compounds, as well as other peptide-copper compoundsthat enhance or restore skin texture by triggering collagen andproteoglycan synthesis.

The patent will be the first issued to the Kirkland, Wash.,company for "skin health" applications in the United States. InJanuary, the company received a notice of allowance for use ofthe compounds to stimulate hair growth.

ProCyte plans to license all of its skin health applications to so-called "cosmeceutical" corporations while developing itspeptide-copper compounds for wound, stomach and bonehealing, said Karen Hedine, vice president for administration.She told BioWorld that ProCyte will continue studies of thecompounds to provide potential licensors with sufficientscientific data.

The stock gained 50 cents to $11. -- Kris Herbst

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