Amylin Corp. has received a Phase I small business innovationresearch grant of about $50,000 to develop monoclonalantibodies to amylin, a hormone that may play a key role inadult-onset diabetes. The monoclonals would be used todevelop diagnostic tests.

Amylin excess is thought to contribute to obesity and to adult-onset diabetes, which is linked to obesity. A lack of amylin, onthe other hand, seems to underlie some of the problems thatcome with Type I, insulin-dependent diabetes.

Monoclonals to the amylin protein could be used to test for thedevelopment of diabetes in pregnancy, to monitor therapy ofadult-onset diabetes, and perhaps to give an indication of risksimilar to measures of cholesterol.

The San Diego company received the SBIR from the NationalInstitute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. ThePhase I research is expected to complete by early 1992. -- RF

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