ProCyte Corp. will have its wound-healing candidate tested ininflammatory bowel disease by a Seattle investigator in aPhase I/II study, the company said Wednesday.

The compound to be tested is an enema formulation with adifferent concentration of Iamin than the formulation now inclinical trials for diabetic ulcers.

Tests of Iamin-IB in animals suggest that it fightsinflammation and induces growth of epithelial tissue.

The investigator for the bowel disease trial has asked not tobe identified. Should promising data come from the trial,which should be completed by year's end, Procyte will continuetesting with an expanded Phase II trial, said Karen Hedine,company vice president. Procyte (NASDAQ:PRCY) would thenlook for a corporate co-developer, she said.

Phase II studies of Iamin in diabetic wound healing at 14medical centers are expected to end by early next year, andProcyte is recruiting another corporate partner to help developthat application, Hedine said.

The Kirkland, Wash., company estimates that colitis andCrohn's disease, the most common inflammatory bowelproblems, affect 2 million people in the United States.

-- Roberta Friedman, Ph.D. Special to BioWorld

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