SAN FRANCISCO -- Lowell Sears, Amgen Inc.'s chief financialofficer, on Tuesday said that based on sales for the first halfof 1991, total sales are running at more than $500 million forthe full year.

The company also told the Montgomery Securities 21st AnnualInvestment Conference here that its Neupogen granulocytecolony stimulating factor (G-CSF) had 88 percent of the CSFmarket based on sales through August. Neupogen recentlyreceived Italian marketing approval, and Amgen anticipatesFrench approval soon.

Other highlights from the second day of the conference:

Cambridge NeuroScience Inc.: The company will begin Phase Itrials in 1992 of two of its small molecules: CNS 1102, anNMDA ion channel antagonist, to treat head injury and stroke;and CNS 1044, a sigma receptor antagonist, to treatschizophrenia. Also in 1992, the company will enter Phase IIItrials of pramiracetam, which it licensed from Warner-Lambert Co., as an adjunct treatment in electroconvulsivetherapy.

Genetic Therapy Inc.: The company will soon begin clinicaltrials inserting lymphocytes into tumor cells in vitro. Thecells will then be reinserted into the patient, with the goal ofrecruiting more effective TIL cells -- killer T cells found inthe midst of cancer cells -- in patients with breast and coloncancer. New data on the company's trials of cells engineered toproduce ADA (adenosine deaminase), the lack of which causesan immune disease, were to be presented today at the NationalInstitutes of Health.

Mycogen Corp.: The company told BioWorld that it plans in 1992to conduct large-scale field trials and register for sale its M-Peril for European corn borer. Mycogen doesn't anticipatemeaningful sales until 1993. -- Karen Bernstein

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