APPLIED IMMUNE REORGANIZES MANAGEMENT ...Applied Immune Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ:AISX) of Menlo Park,Calif., said it has appointed a new executive and reorganizedits senior management to speed commercialization of itsdevice-based therapeutic systems for treating immune-relateddiseases.

James G. Smith, formerly corporate vice president of sales atCollagen Corp., has been named to the new position of seniorvice president of clinical/regulatory affairs. Dr. Thomas B.Okarma, the company's president and chief scientific officer,has assumed additional duties as chief executive officer,replacing Glendon E. French, who will remain vice chairman ofthe board.

Dr. Harvey J. Hoyt has been named president and chief operatingofficer of the MicroProbe Therapeutics division of MicroProbeCorp. The division will develop a new class of pharmaceuticalsbased on the Garden Grove, Calif., company's DNA probetechnology. Hoyt was vice president of medical and scientificaffairs at Applied Immune Sciences.

CellPro Inc., a Bothell, Wash., company focusing on cellseparation systems, said Rick Murdock has been hired as vicepresident of marketing and corporate development. Murdockwas vice president of marketing for Fenwal in Europe.

Philip V. Holberton has been named chief financial officer andvice president of finance and administration at CambridgeNeuroScience (NASDAQ:CNSI) of Cambridge, Mass. He had beengroup controller for the medical group at Becton Dickinson.Cambridge NeuroScience is focused on pharmaceuticals totreat neurological and psychiatric disorders.

The EcoScience Corp. of Amherst, Mass., has appointed RobertK. Dimmitt director of production planning and engineering. Hehas held key engineering positions with several chemical andplastics companies. EcoScience is a natural pest controlproduct company.

Gideon Goldstein and Patrick Kung have received thePharmaceutical Manufacturers Association's 1991 DiscoverersAward for developing the monoclonal antibody OKT3,commercially known as Orthclone OKT3. The MAb is used totreat acute rejection of kidney transplants. Kung and Goldsteindeveloped OKT3 while working at Johnson & Johnson's OrthoPharmaceutical Corp. in 1981. Goldstein is now executive vicepresident and chief executive officer of J&J's ImmunobiologyResearch Institute; Kung founded T Cell Sciences Inc. in 1984and is its chief scientific officer and vice chairman of theboard.

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