InnoVet Inc. announced Thursday that it has agreed to develop anew formulation of a proprietary Cyanamid Co. drug, using itspatented drug delivery system.

Cyanamid has the right to commercialize the formulation, withan option or license agreement to be negotiated.

InnoVet (NASDAQ:IVET) of Boca Raton, Fla., has worldwideanimal care marketing rights to the Microdroplet technology,which can deliver drugs that do not normally dissolve in thebloodstream.

The technology encloses a microscopic droplet of oil thatbears the drug in a single layer of phospholipid. In contrast toliposomes, which sandwich drug between a double layer ofphospholipid, the microdroplets can deliver more drug forsustained release applications, company President JesseHoudeshell told BioWorld.

The technology is in six products in various stages ofdevelopment; three products are sponsored by multina-tionalpharmaceutical firms. -- RF

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