Collagen Corp. on Wednesday said a Texas appeals court inHouston has upheld a 1989 jury decision in favor of thecompany.

The suit was one of 13 filed against Collagen during the past10 years by people who claim that injections of Collagen'sbovine collagen product to improve the appearance of theirskin caused them to develop an autoimmune disease.

Ten of the cases have been resolved in Collagen's favor, twoare pending and one was settled out of court. In the latestaction, the appeals court on Aug. 22 upheld the trial court'sjury finding, which had rejected the plantiff's claim that shedeveloped dermatomyositis, and awarded her no damages.

Stock of the Palo Alto, Calif., company (NASDAQ:CGEN) closedat $20.13 on Wednesday, down 38 cents.

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