NEW NOVA BOARD MEMBERS ...Sandra S. Hillman and Donald E. OLNeill have been elected to theboard of Nova Pharmaceutical Corp. (NASDAQ:NOVX) ofBaltimore, a developer of drugs and drug delivery systemsfocusing on central nervous system disorders andinflammation. Hillman is executive vice president and principalof Trahan, Burden & Charles, an advertising and publicrelations firm in Baltimore. OLNeill recently retired as executivevice president and chairman of international operations atWarner-Lambert Co.

Natural Product Sciences Inc. of Salt Lake City, a developer ofnovel drugs from naturally occurring compounds, hasappointed Edward F. Nemeth, Ph.D., director of biology. Nemethhad been assistant professor at Case Western ReserveUniversity School of Medicine.

David F. Hale has been elected to the additional title ofchairman at Gensia Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:GNSA), a SanDiego-based developer of drugs focusing on cardiovasculardiseases. Hale will continue as president and chief executive.James C. Blair, chairman since 1986, will serve as vicechairman. Gensia also elected Alan R. Timms and L. JohnWilkerson to serve as members of the board. Timms ispresident and chief executive of Glycomed Inc. Wilkerson ischairman of The Wilkerson Group consulting firm.

ProCyte Corp. (NASDAQ:PRCY), a Kirkland, Wash., developer ofcompounds that accelerate wound healing, repair tissue andpromote hair growth, has elected its vice president of research,Gordon Duncan, Ph.D., to its board. Duncan, who joined ProCytein April from The Upjohn Co., also will be corporate secretary.

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