HEMACARE SELLS CUSTOMER LISTHemaCare Corp. of Sherman Oaks, Calif., has sold the customerlist of its HemaCare Clinical Laboratories division to MerisLaboratories Inc. of San Jose, Calif., for $500,000. Terms ofthe sale included a note for $600,000 and potential paymentsof up to $1.6 million over three years based on Meris' futureprofits.

HemaCare, which provides hemapheresis-derived products andservices, has been selling selected unprofitable businesses. InMarch, it sold two unprofitable plasma centers to AM-RhoLaboratories Inc. of Jacksonville, Fla. HemaCare has also hiredthe Wilkerson Group of New York to help find a corporatepartner or conventional investment source. HemaCare stock(NASDAQ:HEMA) closed unchanged on Monday at $1.88.


BioGenex Laboratories of San Ramon, Calif., has outbid anothersuitor for the assets of American Bionetics Inc.

ABN, which filed for Chapter 11 protection in November,announced in March that Charles M. Atkinson, a Scottsdale,Ariz., investor, had agreed to buy the assets for $600,000.

Gene Castagnini, BioGenex's chief financial officer, last weeksaid his company outbid Atkinson. BioGenex, which developsand markets products for infectious disease and tumordiagnosis, did not disclose the terms.

For the year ended May 31, ABN had about $1.8 million in salesof DNA and RNA synthesis products and Western blotdiagnostics. BioGenex had revenues of $4 million and expectsafter-tax income of about $500,000. Both companies areprivately held.

BioGenex will move most of ABN's operations from itsHayward, Calif., location.


Genzyme Corp. stock (NASDAQ:GENZ) picked up $1 on Monday,closing at $35.50, after the company said it received on April5 orphan drug status for Ceredase to treat Type 1 Gaucherdisease. As previously reported, Ceredase was grantedmarketing approval by the Food and Drug Administration onApril 5. Ceredase breaks down fatty acids that build up in themacrophage white blood cells of Gaucher patients.

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