Patent Number: 4,987,076Title: Uricase and a Method for the Preparation thereofInventors: Masachika Takashio, Takahide Chikano, MinoruKamimuraAssignee: Sapporo Breweries Ltd., TokyoFiling Date: Aug. 9, 1989; div. of May 22, 1986, filing; claimspriority, app. Japan, June 5, 1985Claim: One claim for a heat-stable, uricase enzyme and for amethod to prepare the enzyme from a heat stable Bacillus sp.bacterial strain. Uricase, or urate oxidase, converts uric acidand oxygen to allantoin, carbon dioxide and hydrogen peroxide.Allantoin has been used to treat wounds and ulcers.

U.S. Class: 435--223Patent Number: 4,987,077Title: Preparation of Protease Enzymes Derived fromEntomopathogenic FungiInventors: Anthony K. Charnley, Richard M. Cooper, Raymond J.St. LegerAssignee: Agricultural Genetics Co. Ltd., Cambridge, EnglandFiling Date: May 24, 1988; claims priority, app. Japan, March30, 1988, app. EPO, March 31, 1988Claims: Three claims for protease enzymes isolated fromentomopathogenic fungal strains. The claimed proteasesrecognize and cleave only certain amino acid sequences. Theenzymes do not degrade locust cuticle or elastin. The proteasesdescribed here may be insecticides.

U.S. Class: 435--231Patent Number: 4,987,078Title: Plasmid Vectors for Expression in Escherichia coli and/orBacillus subtilisInventors: Guido Grandi, Antonio Mele, Elisabetta Colletti,Susanna Campagnoli, Renzo NogarottoAssignee: Eniricerche S.p.A., MilanFiling Date: March 19, 1986; claims priority, app. Italy, March19, 1985Claims: 10 claims for plasmid vectors that direct expression offoreign proteins in Escherichia coli or Bacillus subtilis bacteria.The patent describes an E. coli expression vector that contains amodified erythromycin promoter. The promoter regulates theinitiation of transcription (RNA synthesis). Erythromycin is anantibiotic produced by Streptomyces-type bacteria.

U.S. Class: 435--240.2Patent Number: 4,987,079Title: Composition and Method for In Vitro Cell CultureInventor: James S. CullorAssignees: Wilbur D. Smith, James Cullor, James S. Cullor andGary W. Cullor, Fort Scott, Kan.Filing Date: Aug. 4, 1989; cip of Sept. 30, 1985, March 30, 1983,and July 6, 1982 filingsClaims: Six claims for the use of allantoic fluid to enhance thegrowth of cells in culture. The allantoic fluid is isolated frompregnant animals. The fluid contains allantoin, a nitrogen-containing organic compound. Uricase converts uric acid intoallantoin in mammals other than primates.

U.S. Class: 435--262Patent Number: 4,987,081Title: Chemical/Biological Process to Oxidize MultimetallicSulfide OresInventors: Ralph P. Hackl, Frank R. Wright, Albert BruynesteynAssignee: GB Biotech Inc., British Columbia, CanadaFiling Date: March 23, 1988; div. of July 10, 1987 (U.S.P.4,888,293) filingClaims: 20 claims for a microbial method to oxidizemultimetallic arsenic and sulfide-containing ores. The patentdescribes oxidation carried out by Thiobacillus thiooxidans,Thiobacillus ferrooxidans and Leptospirillium ferrooxidansbacterial strains. Oxidation causes metals in ores to becomemore soluble. After oxidation, the ores are further treated torecover the metals.

U.S. Class: 435--289Patent Number: 4,987,082Title: Control of Foam Buildup in a FermenterInventors: Stephen F. GallagherAssignee: Shell Internationale Research, The Hague, theNetherlandsFiling Date: Aug. 4,1989; claims priority, app. United Kingdom,Aug. 5, 1988Claims: Nine claims for an electronic method to control foambuildup in a fermenter. The stirring of fermentation mediainside a fermenter causes foam to build up. The foam caninhibit microbial growth. The patent describes the use ofelectrodes to detect foam buildup. As foam increases, thefermenter automatically adds anti-foam to the media.

U.S. Class: 436--63Patent Number: 4,987,084Title: Method of Testing the Effect of a Molecule on BLymphocyte FunctionInventors: Thomas F. Tedder, Stuart F. Schlossman, Haruo SaitoAssignee: Dana Farber Cancer Institute, BostonFiling Date: Feb. 21, 1989Claims: Eight claims for a method to identify molecules that areeither agonists or antagonists of CD20, a B lymphocyte cellsurface protein. B lymphocytes are white blood cells thatproduce antibodies. The interaction of molecules with CD20 onB cell membranes triggers B cells to grow and to differentiateinto antibody producers. The patent describes a method tomeasure the effect of molecules that either stimulate or inhibitCD20 action. The method detects a change in the movement ofcalcium ions across a B cell membrane. When a ligand binds toand activates its receptor, the flow of a given ion across amembrane may increase or decrease.

U.S. Class: 436--169Patent Number: 4,987,085Title: Blood Filtering Metering DeviceInventors: Michael P. Allen, Urs A. Ramel, Anthony J. DeLizzaAssignee: Chemtrak Inc., Sunnyvale, Calif.Filing Date: March 16, 1989; cip of May 19, 1988, and June 22,1987, filingsClaims: 20 claims for a device that separates red blood cellsfrom plasma. The device also controls the flow of plasma onto areactant pad. This enables researchers to detect substances inthe plasma without using a different device that separatesplasma and red blood cells. This device may be used to detectsubstances such as antigens, antibodies, enzymes andhormones.

U.S. Class: 514--321Patent Number: 4,987,139Title: FK-520 Microbial Transformation ProductInventors: Shieh-Shung T. Chen, Linda S. WickerAssignee: Merck & Co. Inc., Rahway, N.J.Filing Date: May 5, 1989Claims: Four claims for an immunosuppressant produced by amicrobe. The claimed immunosuppressant, called L-687,795,blocks the activation of T cells. T cells are a key step in thetriggering of an immune response. The patent also claims theuse of L-687,795 to prevent transplant rejection or to treatautoimmune or infectious diseases.

Related Patents

U.S. Class: 424--195.1Patent Number: 4,986,985Title: Method of Treating Skin Virus InfectionsInventors: Shlomo Grossman, Michael AlbeckAssignee: Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, IsraelFiling Date: Nov. 2, 1987Claims: 38 claims for the use of an antioxidant to treat wartscaused by virus infections. The claimed antioxidants areisolated from the stems and leaves of plants. Antioxidants areorganic compounds that block viral cell growth by interferingwith oxygen-controlled reactions.

U.S. Class: 424--520Patent Number: 4,986,988Title: Isolation and Structural Elucidation of the CytostaticLinear Depsipeptides Dolastatin 13 and Dehydrodolastatin 13Inventors: George R. Pettit, Yoshiaki KamanoAssignee: Arizona Board of Regents, TempeFiling Date: May 18, 1989Claims: Four claims for the use of depsipeptides to inhibit cellgrowth. The claimed depsipeptides include dolastatin 13 anddehydrodolastatin 13. Depsipeptides are ringed peptidederivatives with anti-viral and anti-cancer properties.

U.S. Class: 435--240.25Patent Number: 4,987,080Title: Method for In Vitro Maturation of OocytesInventors: Howard S. Grob of Great Neck, N.Y., Frank Friedmanof Quogue, N.Y.Assignee: NoneFiling Date: Nov. 3, 1987Claims: 20 claims for a method to obtain large quantities ofreproductively competent oocytes. Cells isolated from ovariantissues are incubated in a tissue culture medium that containsseveral supplements including insulin, thyroid hormones,neurotransmitters and purines. The cells are then transferredto a second medium that contains insulin, thyroid hormones,purines and gonadotropin hormones.


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