Without a doubt, efforts to fight COVID-19 have dominated the flow of money into the biopharma industry through nonprofit collaborations and grants, accounting for 87% and 85% of the 2020 totals, respectively.

Out of the 590 bio/nonprofit deals tracked by BioWorld this year, a total of $7.18 billion has been recorded, but 283 deals valued at $6.24 billion are directly focused on providing therapies for the pandemic. Likewise, of the 430 grants worth $9.3 billion so far in 2020, 117 of them worth $7.9 billion are funding work on therapeutics and vaccines tackling the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19.

A large chunk of this funding has arrived since the start of July: $4.49 billion, or 62%, through 54 bio/nonprofit partnerships; and $4.9 billion, or 52%, through 49 grants.

Both bio/nonprofit deals and grants have reached levels significantly beyond what was seen during the full year of 2019 when there were 545 bio/nonprofit collaborations valued at $5.18 billion and 346 grants valued at $2.18 billion.

BioWorld’s database of biopharma deals with nonprofit and government entities, as well as grants awarded to the industry, are updated through late August and can be found within BioWorld Snapshots.

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