The volume of clinical data reported throughout the summer has continued to fall, with only 267 items collected in August, a drop of 10% from July and the lowest amount within the last five months.

With hundreds of clinical trials negatively affected in prior months by the COVID-19 pandemic, the reduction in reportable events is not surprising.

Still, 15% of the phase I, II and III clinical briefs entered into the BioWorld database during August were focused on vaccines and therapeutics for COVID-19. Looking back at previous months, pandemic candidates accounted for 16%, 10%, 12% and 9% of the data in July, June, May and April, respectively.

August’s data consist of 96 phase I items, 103 phase II items and 68 phase III items, with 48 total, or 18%, related to trials either affected by or targeting COVID-19. While 40 of those are candidates in development, two refer to trials terminated or withdrawn and six refer to trials that have resumed following earlier delays or disruptions due to the pandemic. In July, five companies reported their trials had resumed. Also noteworthy is that August’s 18% compares with 19% in July, 13% in June, 30% in May and 57% in April.

In comparison to other months, the 267 items of clinical data in August are below 297 for July, 380 in June, 336 in May and 378 in April. So far in September, there have been 138 clinical data entries, 24 of which are related to COVID-19.

Clinical data collected in 2020 through Sept. 10 can be found within BioWorld Snapshots.

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