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Pacer Health (Miami), an owner/operator of hospitals, psychiatric care and medical treatment facilities throughout the southeastern U.S., said it has acquired the healthcare recruitment firm, Professional Emergency Services. The acquisition will establish a new division of Pacer to service the diversified medical professionals in the continually growing healthcare market, according to the company.

The new division, which will operate under the name Pacer Staffing, will offer a wide array of skilled nurses, physicians and other healthcare professionals to medical facilities and companies, for temporary and permanent assignments, across the U.S.

"We are extremely excited to branch into the healthcare staffing division through the acquisition of Professional Emergency Services," said Rainier Gonzalez, CEO and chairman of Pacer. "We feel that our expansion into this market segment will increase shareholder value because of the rapid pace at which the healthcare industry is growing. This growth creates a great need for specialized and experienced talent which we believe Pacer Staffing will be able to fill."

"By using our proven methods of talent acquisition and placement we are poised to improve and increase the way healthcare facilities and businesses acquire personnel," added Levi Buck, CEO of Pacer Staffing. "Our offering of a robust and complementary suite of services including allied health, nursing and physician placement, will eliminate companies' needs to outsource while providing candidates with more abundant career opportunities."

Pacer Staffing will provide clients with talented individuals through its procuring and sourcing of candidates, providing stability to its clients and allowing them to focus on their strategic operations, the company noted.

"We recognized the fact that one-size-fits-all simply does not work in physician and healthcare job searches," said Gen. Gary Harrell, Pacer VP of business development, who will be responsible for overseeing this new division. "Pacer Staffing will provide a flexible range of search services and client tools to enhance the recruitment process," Harrell said. "An organization can get exactly the services it needs when it needs them."

Pacer focuses on financially distressed businesses in all market segments including and beyond the healthcare arena.