A Medical Device Daily

Halifax Regional Medical Center (Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina) has signed an agreement with RadarFind (Research Triangle Park, North Carolina) to begin implementation of a new Real Time Location System.

The system uses automatic indoor location technology to keep track of and monitor the status of various medical devices throughout a hospital.

RadarFind said that with this hardware/software solution, staff can rapidly locate essential equipment such as intravenous pumps, wheelchairs, beds, pulse oximeters and mobile computer systems at any given time, according to the system's developers.

"Hospitals use a variety of mobile assets that are an integral component of efficient operations. Lost, stolen and misplaced equipment drive operational costs up and quality of care down," said Louis Bianchin, senior analyst from Venture Development, a market research firm. "By using RTLS technology, hospitals can monitor the location and utilization of these assets, which provides multiple benefits. The most immediate are reduced equipment inventory, improved equipment provisioning times, improved workflow and greater patient care quality."

RadarFind, is a healthcare technology company.

Halifax Regional is a non-profit community-based organization, accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and founded in 1912.