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Terms/Details (Date)

Accentia Bio-


Revimmune LLC*

Accentia acquired exclusive worldwide rights to autoimmune disease drug Revimmune

Accentia is preparing an investigational new drug application for severe refractory multiple sclerosis and is proposing a Phase III program (2/28)

Affitech AS*

Micromet AG (Germany; MITI) and Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ENZN)

Agreement for a nonexclusive, worldwide sublicensable research license to the joint patent estate of Micromet and Enzon in the field of single-chain antibodies

Affitech will have rights to conduct research involving SCA technology and will have sublicense rights to third parties for the purpose of conducting research, developing or using an SCA product generated by Affitech (3/28)

Affitech AS*

Pharmexa A/S

Worldwide, exclusive licensing agreement for intellectual property rights to recombinant antibody-like proteins called diabodies

Affitech will be entitled to conduct further pre-IND research on the technology and to sublicense it to third parties (4/3)



Biosite Inc. (BSTE)

Deal to develop recombinant monoclonal antibodies against targets in ovarian cancer

Alethia will provide targets and Biosite will provide the antibodies; Biosite gets rights to resulting diagnostics; Alethia gets therapeutic rights; terms were not disclosed (3/12)



Bio-Rad (AMEX:BIO)

Nonexclusive license for Bio- Rad to provide RNAi research products under the Kreutzer-Limmer patent family

The patents cover small interfering RNAs and their use to mediate RNAi mammalian cells (3/29)

Alpharma Inc.

Tris Pharma Inc.*

Exclusive licensing agreement to gain access to Tris' LiquiXR drug delivery platform for sustained release products in liquid form

The company plans to use the technology to develop an oral liquid product complementary to its Kadian solid dose product line to target needs for liquid dose sustained release opioids (3/29)

Amarin Corp.

Elan Corp. plc (Ireland; NYSE:ELN)

Worldwide rights agreement to develop and market a nasal lorazepam formulation developed using Elan's Nanocrystal technology for the outpatient treatment of emergency seizures in epilepsy patients

Amarin will pay Elan success-based development, filing and approval mile- stones totaling $5.2M, plus royalties on sales; there is no initial license payment(3/6)

Discovery Ltd.*


BioTie Therapies Corp. (Finland; PK:BORPF)

Lead optimization collaboration to exploit Argenta's expertise in medicinal chemistry, computer-aided drug design and early ADME to advance one of BioTie's therapeutics programs toward development

Financial terms were not disclosed; the agreement does provide options to expand the relationship (4/3)



EnWave Corp. (Canada; CDNX: ENW)

Collaboration to determine the feasibility of using EnWave's bioREV technology to develop room temperature stable vaccines

Companies will process test quantities of several Aridis vaccine products to provide proof-of-concept data, with both companies holding an option to expand the deal to include other vaccine products and joint intellectual property with future product royalty incentives (3/29)

BioPharma Inc.


VentiRx Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

VentiRx got worldwide rights to Array's Toll-like receptor program, which includes several TLR-targeting agents

Array received an equity stake in VentiRx as well as an up-front payment, and could get milestone and royalty payments; Array also retained an option to acquire 50% ownership of all resulting oncology products (3/13)





Licensing agreement for worldwide rights to alicaforsen, a Phase III antisense compound for gastrointestinal disorders

Isis will receive a $2M up-front payment in the form of equity, and will earn milestones and royalties as the drug progresses through development (4/11)**

Avexa Ltd.

TargetDrug* (China)

Licensing and collaboration agreement for a CCR5 HIV drug program

Avexa has worldwide marketing rights, excluding China to any drugs that result from the collaboration and retains an exclusive option to license TargetDrug's lead CCR5 inhibitor, nifeviroc (4/18)

BioLine Rx Ltd.*

PolyGene Ltd.* (Israel) and Efrat BioPolymers Ltd.* (Israel)

Worldwide exclusive license agreements to develop and commercialize their polymer drug delivery system

Financial terms were not disclosed (3/12)



SRI International*

Agreement to complete preclinical development of antibiotics BP-101 and BP-102

In exchange for serving as Blanca's incubator, SRI reserves the option to take an ownership interest in the company; Blanca will retain worldwide, exclusive commercialization rights to both compounds (4/5)

BTG plc
CLL Pharma

CLL Pharma* (France)

BTG acquired an opioid agonist for the control of postoperative pain from

The acquisition was made in return for undisclosed milestone and royalty payments (2/21)**#



(UK; unit of
AstraZeneca plc)

Philochem AG* (Switzerland)

Technology evaluation agreement for Philochem to apply its DNA-encoded libraries to the discovery of low molecular weight compounds against three undisclosed targets

Philochem will use its Encoded Self-As- sembling Chemical libraries, in which chemical pharmacophores are displayed on DNA that contains an associated tag sequence and is selected by binding protein targets (4/16)


Centers of


AVAX Technologies Inc. (OTC BB: AVXT)

Agreement to use AC vaccine technology from AVAX in treating advanced ovarian cancer

The treatment method uses the patient's own tumor tissues to create a patient-specific vaccine, which will be combined with chemotherapy and delivered directly into the abdominal cavity (3/8)


of DelSite

Nastech Pharmaceutical Co. Inc. (NSTK)

Nonexclusive technology evaluation agreement to evaluate DelSite's GelSite polymer for enhancing intranasal delivery of peptide and protein therapeutics

The program's goal is to assess whether the GelSite polymer, in combination with Nastech's tight junction modulating technology, can increase bioavailability and provide additional pharmacokinetic profiles (4/10)


Systems Inc.

(Canada; TSX:CHR)

Pain Therapeutics Inc. (PTIE)

Agreement for Chromos to use its ACE System to develop a cell line for Pain Therapeutics

Pain Therapeutics has the right to use the cell line for scale-up and manufacture of the antibody, following the cell line-engineering phase of the agreement (3/20)

Bioscience Inc.*

Ingenuity Systems*

Agreement to integrate the Oncomine Professional by Compendia and Ingenuity Pathways Analysis products

The move will allow users to navigate directly from cancer gene signatures discovered in Oncomine Professional to the curated pathway information available from Ingenuity System's technology (2/22)

Compugen Ltd.

Biosite Inc. (BSTE)

Agreement for the development and commercialization of immunoassay diagnostic products

The agreement gives Biosite access to Compugen's inventory of immunoassay biomarkers and expands a previous agreement to cover cardiovascular, oncology and additional diagnostic areas; Compugen will receive milestone payments and royalties, and will retain exclusive rights to the therapeutic applications of both the targets and associated antibodies (3/7)


Talecris Biotherapeutics Inc.*

Agreement for process development activities and cGMP production of clinical trial material for a form of recombinant plasminogen

Talecris is developing Plasmin, a second- generation therapy, in ophthalmic and thrombolytic indications (4/2)



BioDiscovery Inc.*

Alliance to offer complete solutions in the array comparative genomic hybridizations field

Empire's aCGH services and products will be combined with BioDiscovery's software in an effort to improve assay data; they also will co-market and co-promote their products and services (3/8)

Evotec AG
(Germany; FSE:EVT)

Interprotein Corp. (Japan)

Collaboration to develop Interprotein's interleukin-6 inhibitors program for inflammatory disease

Evotec will use its expertise in medical chemistry, computational chemistry and profiling to optimize compounds discovered using Interprotein's in silico drug design (2/28)

Galderma SA*

Ipsen SA (France; Paris:IPN)

Exclusive rights agreement to develop, promote and distribute its botulinum toxin typa A, Dysport, for use in aesthetic medicine indications in the European Union, Russia and certain territories of the Middle East and Eastern Europe

Ipsen also granted Galderma first rights of negotiation for aesthetic medicine indications in the rest of the world, excluding the U.S., Canada and Japan, as well as rights for future formulations; Galderma will pay Ipsen |10M (US$13.2M) up front and up to |20M in milestone payments, as well as royalties (2/26)




Sciona got a license to non-coding DNA patents from GTG

Sciona will use the technology in development of nutrigenomic products; GTG got the right to market Sciona products in the Asia-Pacific region (3/13)




Agreement under which UTEK will help Genetic Technologies to identify genetic analysis intellectual property developed by U.S.-based researchers

The initial focus will be in the area of non-
coding DNA analysis (3/22)


Migenix Inc. (Canada; TSX:MGI)

Licensing agreement for technology that allows for the search of biological sequence information for novel sequences and patentability status

Financial terms were not disclosed (4/17)

Geron Corp.

Asia Biotech

Exclusive global license for development of Geron's small-molecule telomerase activating compounds

They will be developed as nonprescription dietary food supplements, nutraceuticals and cosmetics; terms were not disclosed (3/12)




Amgen Inc. (AMGN)

Research collaboration to provide access to Graffinity's fragment-based drug discovery technology to Amgen

The technology uses chemical micro- arrays to screen for small-molecule fragments that bind to a variety of drug targets; Graffinity will receive technology access fees and success payments (2/26)


Inc. (GTCB)

PharmAthene Inc.*

PharmAthene got expanded rights to include transgenic technology from GTC to support development of its Protexia program

Protexia is a recombinant form of human butyrylcholinesterase produced in the milk of transgenic goats for use against chemical nerve agents; the expanded license follows an earlier deal under which GTC is providing manufacturing services for Protexia; terms were not disclosed (3/13)




Shenzhen Chipscreen Biosciences Ltd.* (China)

Licensing agreement for worldwide rights outside China to the cancer compound chidamide

Chidamide is cleared to start a Phase I trial in China; it is an oral histone deacetylase inhibitor derived from the benzamide class (3/6)


Emiliem Inc.*

Partnership to screen Emiliem's multi-kinase inhibitors using Invitrogen's SelectScreen platform

Invitrogen will perform biochemical kinase screening, cellular pathway profiling and P450 screening of Emiliem's compounds targeting cancer (3/29)

Kedrion SpA*

ProMetic BioTherapeutics Inc. (subsidiary of ProMetic Life Sciences Inc.; Canada; PK:PFSCF)

Alliance to develop orphan drugs derived from human plasma using ProMetic's manufacturing process, the Plasma Protein Purification System

Companies will share in any revenue derived from the sales of commercialized therapeutics; they initially will target Europe (3/20)



Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT)

Licensing agreement for MacroArray's antibody test for prostate cancer

Abbott will develop and market the PCADM-1 test, an assay to detect the PCADM-1 prostate- specific protein in urine; terms were not disclosed(3/12)


Laboratoire Francais du Fractionnement et de Biotechnologies SA* (France)

Collaboration for the design of a new generation of recombinant monoclonal antibodies that are therapeutically and economically more effective than current ones

The goal is to improve the pharmacokinetics of MAbs and their effectors functions; financial terms were not disclosed (4/4)**

MDS Nordion*

Avid Radiopharmaceuticals*

Collaboration to support clinical studies for Avid's radiopharmaceuticals designed to diagnose and monitor Alzheimer's disease

The trials will use advanced molecular imaging known as single photon emission computed tomography; Nordion will radiolabel Avid's compounds for use in proof- of-concept clinical trials for SPECT imaging of Alzheimer's disease (4/6)


Power3 Medical Products Inc. (BE:RJY)

Companies formed a joint venture contract research organization to develop blood serum-based diagnostic tests and other services around the 523 protein biomarkers that Power3 has identified to date

In exchange for a minimum of 60% interest in the CRO, NeoGenomics will provide $200,000 of working capital through the purchase of a convertible debenture as well as access to cancer samples, management, sales and marketing personnel, and laboratory facilities; the CRO is expected to launch in the fourth quarter (4/4)

Neurotune AG*

Nikem Research Srl* (Italy)

12-month service agreement under which NiKem will make its integrated platform available to Neurotune, including medicinal, parallel and analytical chemistry, exploratory ADMET profiling and in vivo pharmacokinetics

The collaboration aims to design, synthesize and optimize compounds against Neurotune target neurotrypsin (4/2)

Novacea Inc.

KuDOS Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (subsidiary of AstraZeneca UK Ltd. and BTG plc; UK)

Exclusive licensing agreement for an investigational cancer agent AQ4N (banoxantrone) for worldwide development and commercialization

Terms were not disclosed (4/19)


Novalung GmbH*

Deal to develop a second-generation lung device that combines technologies in adult stem cells and bio-engineering

The resulting Cyberlung device would contain human lung cells, potentially providing benefits in efficiency and clinical outcomes; they are working on the project with researchers in the UK and Germany (3/5)

Novosom AG* (Germany)

Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ISIS)

Exclusive option agreement, which, if exercised within six months, allows Novosom to acquire a worldwide license to antisense inhibitors targeting the CD40 membrane protein for all indications

The license would include rights to the target and to oligonucleotides targeting CD40 and incorporating Isis' second- generation antisense chemistry in exchange for an up-front fee, milestone payments and royalties (4/11)



EnBioTec Laboratories Co. Ltd.* (Japan)

Agreement to co-develop nuclear receptor- based lead compounds for drug discovery

EnBioTec has developed the Receptor CoFactor Assay System to investigate the interactions between nuclear hormone receptors, co-factors and ligands; Peakdale will provide a targeted set of compounds (3/27)

Pluristem Life
Sciences Inc.


Stem Cell Innovations Inc. (OTC BB:SCLL)

Licensing agreement and stock swap for marketing rights to Pluristem's PLX I product in Asia, excluding Japan

The agreement provides Stem Cell with some rights to the product and 3-D stem cell expansion capability in exchange for an up-front fee of 23M shares of Stem Cell's common stock, milestone payments and royalties (2/22)

ProBioGen AG*

Affitech AS* (Norway)

Agreement to develop a biopharmaceutical cell line to produce a therapeutic cancer antibody belonging to Affitech

ProBioGen will apply its cell generation process that relies on unique vectors and its pre-optimized CHO starter cell (4/11)

ProFibrix BV*
(the Netherlands)

Bioceros NV* (the Netherlands)

Collaboration to establish a platform for production, purification and characterization of fibrinogen

Bioceros will work to generate and test new proteins for use in ProFibrix research and development programs (4/5)



Derma Sciences Inc. (OTC BB: DSCI)

Exclusive licensing agreement for use of Nimbus technology in specific wound care products, including gauze sponges, gauze bandage rolls and other products for U.S. and Canadian markets

Quick-Med will receive a $50,000 up-front fee, quarterly advance royalty payments of $25,000 for the next nine months and a 20% net royalty; deal also includes a non- exclusive license for other territories in exchange for a 10% royalty (4/3)

(holding company
of Nutra Pharma
Corp.; OTC BB:

Zhong Xin Dong Tai Co. Ltd.* (Nanogene Biotechnology)

Agreement to create a joint venture to develop RPI-MN for the Chinese market

RPI-MN has completed Phase I trials for the treatment of HIV; ReceptoPharm will retain ownership of all intellectual property and will provide the bulk drug substance (3/7)



Advinus Therapeutics Ltd.* (India)

Services agreement under which Advinus will perform validating preclinical studies for Caprospinol (SP-233) for Alzheimer's disease

Advinus will work to confirm Samaritan's previous findings, which suggest that Caprospinol directly targets the amyloid peptide thought to be the cause of AD (3/5)

Sartorius AG

Stedim Biosystems SA* (France)

Agreement for Sartorius to acquire a substantial stake in Stedim

Sartorius will pay |43 (US$56.45) per share and will become Stedim's majority owner; the combined company will oper- ate under the name Sartorius Stedim Biotech SA (2/22)

Licensing Inc.*

GTC Biotherapeutics Inc. (GTCB)

Nonexclusive licensing agreement to Roslin Institute patents and patent applications, including the foundational somatic cell nuclear transfer cloning technology developed for cloning Dolly the sheep

GTC will use the technology to generate transgenic animals that produce therapeutic proteins in milk; Start will receive an up-front fee of $500,000 in cash and stock; terms also include annual royalty obligations and royalties on product sales (4/10)

Stem Cell


Circomed AG* (the Netherlands)

Stem Cell started to validate a set of compounds in development by Circomed

Stem Cell will apply its human liver cell C3A to study compound effects for both safety and efficacy; it is a fee-for- service arrangement (3/27)

StormBio Inc.*

Imperial Innovations Group plc* (UK)

Licensing agreement for technology related to treating life-threatening influenza and other inflammatory diseases

The technology is designed to target the body's overreaction of the inflammatory process (3/27)


OSI Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OSIP)

Contract to complete an analysis of specific cancer pathway genes

Transgenomic is using its genetic variation detection capability to assist OSI in development efforts (4/10)



Asymmetric Therapeutics LLC*

Exclusive license agreement to develop and commercialize Xyfid, an adjunctive therapy for a side effect of cancer chemotherapy

No further terms were disclosed (3/30)

Holdings Ltd.


Transgene SA (France; Eurolist:TNG)

Transgene gained exclusive access to Virax's Co-X-Gene technology for use in its immunotherapeutic products TG4010 and TG4001

Virax gets an up-front license fee and would share in payments if Transgene licenses out either product; Virax is entitled to up to $12M in milestone payments for the two products, and would get royalties on North American sales (3/13)

Viropro Inc.

Invitrogen Corp. (IVGN)

Collaboration under which Invitrogen is testing and helping to develop innovative production technologies

A goal is to develop new solutions for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies through the integration of Viropro's protein production technology and Invitrogen's media and cell line development expertise (4/12)

Vivalis* (France)

Bavarian Nordic A/S (Denmark; CSE:BAVA)

Vivalis granted Bavarian Nordic a license to evaluate its embryonic stem cell-derived ebx cell lines as a production platform for MVA-BN vaccines

Terms were not disclosed; the technology can be used to develop vaccines against smallpox, HIV/AIDS, breast and prostate cancer (3/30)

* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk; ** Denotes the date the item ran in BioWorld International.
# Item occurred before the time frame of this chart but was not included in the previous chart.
Unless otherwise notes, the trading symbols listed for public biotechnology companies are on the Nasdaq market.
AMEX = American Stock Exchange; ASX = Australia Stock Exchange; BE Berlin Stock Exchange; CDNX = Canadian Venture Exchange; CSE = Copenhagen Stock Exchange; FSE = Frankfurt Stock Exchange; LSE = London Stock Exchange; NYSE = New York Stock Exchange; OTC BB = Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board; PK = Pink Sheets; TSX = Toronto Stock Exchange.