NightHawk Radiology Holdings (Coeur D’Alene, Idaho), the provider of radiology solutions to medical groups and hospitals throughout the U. S., reported acquiring the Radlinx Group (Irving, Texas), billing Radlinx as the third largest provider of teleradiology services in the country with doctors located solely in the U.S.

NightHawk paid $53 million for The Radlinx Group and said it expects the transaction to add 5 cents to adjusted EPS in 2007.

NightHawk said that the acquisition of Radlinx expands its customer base to more than 1,300 hospitals, representing 24% of all U.S. hospitals and expands its presence in key areas of the U.S., including Texas, the second largest market in the U.S.

Dr. Paul Berger, NightHawk CEO and chairman of NightHawk, said the purchase “significantly expands our core off-hours business, strengthens our partnerships with radiology groups to help grow our final interpretation and sub-specialty business and extends our capability of providing radiology solutions and improving patient care with such a strong presence of doctors located domestically.”

NightHawk noted that it purchased Teleradiology Diagnostic Service (Arcadia, California) in February, and, with that, the buy of Radlinx expands its leadership in the provision of radiology across the U.S.

“The strategic acquisition of The Radlinx Group, with their doctors located across the U.S., should help alleviate concerns the industry may have about Medicare interpretations being performed outside the U.S.,” said Tim Mayleben, NightHawk’s executive VP and COO. “While we continue to capitalize on the efficiencies of our centralized approach to interpreting radiological procedures, we are also able to utilize our proprietary workflow to seamlessly distribute images to our U.S.-based doctors.”

Greg Lowenstein, CEO of Radlinx, said, “We are especially excited to introduce NightHawk’s broad range of services and solutions to our customers, including 3D reconstructions and CCTA interpretations, sub-specialty reads, and its advanced workflow solution, Talon, which will bring greater efficiencies to our doctors, our radiology group customers, and their patients.”

NightHawk said Radlinx is expected to contribute $17 million to $19 million in revenue for the remainder of 2007. The transaction is expected to add about 2 cents EPS in 2007, it said.

NightHawk says it is the nation’s leading provider of professional radiology solutions and “leading the transformation of the professional practice of radiology by providing high-quality, cost-effective radiology services to radiology groups and hospitals throughout the United States.”