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Estech (San Ramon, California) reported entering into a U.S. distribution agreement with Neoprobe (Dublin, Ohio) for Estech' Cardiosconix Quantix/OR blood flow measurement system. The announcement was made at the 9th Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society For Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgery (Beverly, Massachusetts) in San Francisco, which concluded Saturday.

The Quantix/OR is designed to provide surgeons with quantitative hemodynamic information in coronary artery bypass graft [CABG] and carotid endarterectomy procedures.

“This technology represents our continuing goal of providing cardiac surgeons with innovative new technologies for improving patient outcomes when undergoing cardiac surgery procedures,” said Ray Bertolero, vice president and co-founder of Estech. “The Quantix/OR system compliments our current offerings for cardiovascular surgery in the U.S. market while helping to make cardiac procedures more effective.”

David Bupp, president of Neoprobe, said, “By joining a leader in servicing the CABG marketplace, the Quantix/OR system will be better positioned to achieve broader market penetration. The strength of Estech's product offering will allow us to establish an important presence in the key market for our blood flow products.”

Estech offers tools for least invasive techniques and traditional approaches to coronary artery bypass, valve surgery, atrial ablation and surgical treatment of congestive heart failure.

Neoprobe develops surgical and diagnostic products.

In other agreement news: Sphere Medical (Cambridge, UK/Oudenaarde, Belgium), a developer of next-generation critical care patient monitoring systems, said it has selected AMI Semiconductor (AMIS; Pocatello, Idaho), a manufacture of mixed-signal and structured digital products for the medical and industrial sectors, to design and fabricate a sensor interface ASIC for Sphere's continuous arterial blood gas monitor, in development.

The Sphere real-time blood gas monitoring solution includes a disposable sensor and AMIS sensor interface ASIC, enclosed in a standard IV tubing set. The blood gas measurements are output to a small bedside monitor. This continuous monitoring approach offers advantages over central lab console analyzers and portable cartridge-based analyzers by making treatment decision-making faster and therapies managed more effectively, Sphere said.

The sensor interface ASIC solution includes a high-performance analog subsection with an ultra-low power analog-to-digital converter, temperature sensor, power management, and a communications interface.

“Sphere's continuous blood gas monitoring technology has the potential to enable dramatic improvement in the quality of critical care medicine,” said Todd Schneider, vice president of the medical group at AMIS. “We're excited to partner with Sphere to commercialize this innovative technology for the benefit of high acuity patients.”

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