The site search subcommittee of theIndependent Citizens’ Oversight Committee(ICOC; Emeryville, California) announced its final award of points to the four finalist proposals based on visits to each site as the permanent headquarters for theCalifornia Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), focusing on stem cell research.

The subcommittee visited Emeryville, Sacramento, San Diego and San Francisco, using a 90-point scorecard to rate each site. The subcommittee will provide a listing of points awarded to all four sites and recommend that the ICOC award the site to San Francisco.

San Francisco, Sacramento and San Diego each was to make a 10-minute presentation at the ICOC meeting on Friday, prior to the board’s final decision. Emeryville also will be invited to make public comment.

As part of a bidding process, CIRM asked local governments, working in partnership with building owners, to provide about 17,000 square feet of office space at little or no cost.