Name change for IVMD

In Vivo Medical Diagnostics (IVMD; Inverness, Scotland) reported that the company has officially changed its name to In Veritas Medical Diagnostics. The company's trading symbol, IVVO, changes to IVME immediately.

John Fuller, president and CEO of In Veritas Medical Diagnostics, said, "We take this name from the Latin, which means 'in truth, reality or telling of truth,' more accurately reflects the direction we are taking with the medical diagnostic products which the company is creating."

In Veritas Medical Diagnostics consists of two wholly owned subsidiaries based in the UK, IVMD (UK) Ltd. and Jopejo Ltd. IVMD (UK) is in the final stage of its first medical device for the multibillion-dollar cardiovascular market.

DNA Labs opens

DNA Labs International (Deerfield Beach, Florida) said its grand opening coincided with National DNA Day, the anniversary of the publication of the DNA double helix structure in April 1953.

DNA Labs International combines experience in forensic serology and DNA analysis, use of the latest technology including polymerase chain reaction (PCR), short tandem repeats (STR) and real-time PCR, and forensic DNA fellows to support the criminal justice system and reduce their case backlogs.

As the benefits of DNA testing become more and more evident, the already massive backlogs of unsolved rapes, homicides and property crime cases continue to increase, the company said.

According to a National Forensic Study Report published in 2003, there are more than 500,000 crime cases with possible biological evidence either still in the possession of local law enforcement, or backlogged at forensic laboratories. The report also indicates that more than 80% of DNA evidence is still being sent to state agency labs and only 2.9% is going to private or commercial laboratories.

Filing date reported by SpectRx

SpectRx (Norcross, Georgia) reported it expects to file its Form 10-KSB for the year ended Dec. 31, 2004, with the Securities and Exchange Commission on or before April 30. The delay in filing was precipitated by a later-than-normal start to the year-end audit.

The company said it expects to report a loss of about 28 cents per share more than previously reported due to the write-off of $3.2 million in intangible assets.

As a result of the delay in filing Form 10-KSB, the company's stock symbol has been temporarily changed to SPRXE. The company anticipates that its stock symbol will revert to SPRX after filing the form.

SpectRx is a diabetes management company developing solutions for insulin delivery and glucose monitoring. It markets the SimpleChoice line of diabetes management products, which include insulin pump disposable supplies. SpectRx also plans to develop a consumer device for continuous glucose monitoring.

The company is commercializing its non-invasive cervical cancer detection technology through subsidiary company, Guided Therapeutics, which SpectRx intends to finance separately with private funds.