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ProQinase GmbH* (Germany)

Research collaboration to identify a new generation of protein kinase inhibitors as the basis for the development of anticancer drugs

ProQinase will provide disease-relevant protein kinase targets using its integrated technology platform, including cell-based assays and in vivo models; 4SC will apply its virtual high-throughput screening technology, 4Scan, in combination with medicinal chemistry capabilities (4/28)

Abeta GmbH*

The Genetics Co. AG* (Switzerland)

Agreement in which Genetics Co. acquired tools and assays to monitor amyloid-beta peptide levels from Abeta

Genetics Co. also acquired Abeta's diagnostics business and a therapeutic approach targeting the amyloid precursor protein pathway, in a cash and stock transaction (6/16)

Abgenix Inc.

Microscience Ltd.* (UK)

Collaboration to discover, develop and commercialize "passive" immunotherapies against certain infectious disease targets using fully human monoclonal antibodies

Microscience will provide infectious disease target antigens and Abgenix will use its XenoMouse technology to generate fully human antibodies (5/7)

Acacia Research

Nanomaterials Discovery Corp.*

Agreement to license Acacia's CombiMatrix division's micro-array platform technology to Nanomaterials

Nanomaterials will use the technology in developing its own nanomaterial discovery program, while CombiMatrix will share in revenues from the commercialization of any discovered materials and also will receive a license to intellectual property owned by Nanomaterials (6/17)

Actelion Ltd.

Axovan AG* (Switzerland)

Two-year research collaboration to optimize and develop molecules identified by Axovan

Axovan received an undisclosed up-front payment and is due research and development funding as well as potential milestones and royalties (6/17)

Actelion Ltd.

Discovery Partners International Inc. (DPII)

Three-year agreement under which Actelion will procure drug discovery capabilities from Discovery Partners

Specifics of the program were not disclosed (6/3)

Affitech A/S*

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc. (PPHM)

Agreement to collaborate on the production of human antibodies for Peregrine's vascular-targeting agent and anti-angiogenesis programs

Peregrine will provide targets and Affitech will apply its human antibody libraries and discovery and screening technologies to generate a panel of fully human antibodies against the targets (6/18)

Aradigm Corp.

Weston Medical Group plc (UK; LSE:WMG)

Agreement in which Aradigm acquired selected assets of Weston Medical Group

Aradigm paid about $2M in cash for the assets, which included test and production equipment, intellectual property and other assets associated with Weston's Intraject needle-free delivery technology (5/13)

Ardais Corp.*

Xantos Biomedicine AG* (Germany)

Agreement in which Xantos will access the Ardais BIGR Library to obtain clinical genomics resources

Xantos will apply Ardais' tissue-based products and services to validate the clinical relevance of targets in inflammatory and degenerative diseases identified using its XantosScreen technology (5/14)

Argenta Discovery

Corcept Therapeutics Inc.*

Multiyear collaboration for the discovery and optimization of a second- generation drug candidate from one of Corcept's psychiatric disorder programs

Argenta and Corcept scientists will work in an interdisciplinary team to integrate biology and chemistry (5/7)



Nonexclusive worldwide license agreement that grants DiscoveRx the right to commercialize drug discovery assay products covered by Ariad's NF-(kappa) B patents

DiscoveRx will pay Ariad an upfront license fee and annual license fees, as well as royalties and milestones based on drug discovery product sales (5/9)


Acambis plc (UK; ACAM; LSE:ACM)

Collaboration to discover attenuated or subunit vaccines that will involve an evaluation by Acambis of Arrow's target discovery technology, Transposon Mediated Differential Hybridization

Agreement includes an up-front payment, milestones and royalties, and covers the development of a vaccine for a single pathogen (6/9)


InVivoScribe Technologies LLC*

Sublicense agreement for several U.S. patents from InVivoScribe

The patents cover PCR-based testing of immunoglobulin and T-cell receptor loci technology required to detect and monitor leukemias, lymphomas and other lymphoroliferative diseases in patient samples (5/7)

Biogen Inc.

Genentech Inc. (NYSE:DNA)

Licensing agreement for worldwide patent rights relating to fusion proteins from Genentech

The nonexclusive licenses will apply to the approved Amevive and other potential products in Biogen's product pipeline; Biogen will pay an undisclosed royalty to Genentech (6/13)

Biogen Inc.

Genentech Inc. (NYSE:DNA)

Collaboration to develop BR3, a key target for developing drugs to treat autoimmune and inflammatory disorders associated with abnormal B-lymphocyte activity, such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus

The parties will collaborate on development efforts (6/17)

BioRad Laboratories

Caliper Technologies Corp. (CALP)

Multiyear agreement to develop and market a micro-fluidics instrument system for worldwide distribution

Caliper will receive research and development funding from BioRad, as well as royalties on instruments and software and will be the exclusive manufacturer of LabChip devices (6/5)


Miltenyi Biotec GmbH* (Germany)

Agreement for the sale of BioTransplant's Eligix HDM Cell Separation System

Miltenyi agreed to acquire all intellectual property and physical assets associated with the Eligix business in exchange for an upront payment of $450,000 and royalties of 4% to 10% of future sales (6/5)

British Biotech

MerLion Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd.* (Singapore)

Two-year research agreement to discover and develop new classes of antibacterial ribosomal inhibitors from natural sources

The collaboration will combine British Biotech's knowledge in ribosomal biology and structure-based drug design, including site-specific assays, crystallography and NMR technology with MerLion's collection of natural product samples, its high-throughput screening capabilities and natural product and medicinal chemistry expertise (5/14)


DGI BioTechnologies Inc.*

Pilot program in which the parties will conduct a study to delivery Hotspot Ligands that are antagonists to DGI's drug targets across the plasma membrane in animal models using CePeP's cell-penetrating peptide technology as the delivery tool

The program might result in a formal research and development collaboration between the companies (5/14)

Chromos Molecular Systems Inc. (Canada; TSE:CHR)

Cambridge Antibody Technology Group plc (UK; CATG; LSE:CAT)

Licensing agreement focused on Chromos' artificial chromosome expression system, known as ACE, which will be used to manufacture antibodies and biologics

CAT will use the platform to generate cell lines expressing monoclonal antibodies; the company retains the right tomanufacure and sell therapeutic products that emerge from the deal; Chromos gets undisclosed cash up front, along with annual maintenance fees plus potential milestone and royalty payments (5/15)

Curis Inc.

Genentech Inc. (NYSE:DNA)

Licensing agreement for Curis' small-molecule and antibody inhibitors of the Hedgehog signaling pathway for use in cancer

Genentech will pay a license fee of $8.5M and $2M a year for two years; Curis also could earn milestone payments, making the deal worth $240M; Curis also would receive royalties on sales (6/11)

Curis Inc.

Project A.L.S.*

Collaboration to evaluate a therapeutic approach for the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Collaboration will focus on a biological pathway controlled by the Hedgehog protein (6/5)

Debiopharm SA* (Switzerland)

GenOdyssee SA* (France)

Collaboration in which GenOdyssee granted Debiopharm the exclusive worldwide license to develop and commercialize a compound in the therapeutic areas of oncology, oncology-associated side effects and virology from the GenOdyssee portfolio

Debiopharm will fund development of the product, including manufacturing, preclinical and clinical trials up to its registration; GenOdyssee will receive cash up front and a milestone payment, as well as a share of revenues from the licensing out to a commercial partner (6/4)

Devgen NV*

Genentech Inc. (NYSE:DNA)

Research agreement in which Devgen employed its C. elegans in vivo-based RNAi technology and its Function Factory tool to propose a role of genes identified by Genentech in specific cellular pathways

The agreement is designed to enable Genentech to investigate more closely the function of genes in cancer development and to progress those genes toward drug discovery (6/2)

Dharmacon Inc.*

Exelixis Inc.

Agreement to develop a short interfering RNA library for about 600 proprietary and publicly available genes for kinases and other drug discovery targets

The library is being developed using Dharmacon's SMARTselection and SMARTpool technology platform and manufactured using its 2'-ACE RNA-synthesis chemistry; Exelixis and Dharmacon will apply their bioinformatics capabilities to develop the library (6/12)

Biosciences Inc.*

Centocor Inc. (unit of Johnson & Johnson)

Exclusive research collaboration to develop at least six optimized protein pharmaceutical products

Egea will work with Centocor to discover protein biomedicines and will use its gene synthesis technology to create candidates for Centocor (5/13)

EpiTan Ltd.
(Australia; ASX:EPT)

CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CGPI)

Agreement to develop a topical formulation for EpiTan's lead drug candidate, Melanotan

CollaGenex acquired the rights to the drug delivery system, known as Restoraderm technology, from inventor Thomas Skold; EpiTan sublicensed the technology from CollaGenex (5/20)

Evotec OAI AG
(Germany; Deutsche
Boerse: EVT)

Artesian Therapeutics Inc.*

Three-year drug discovery service agreement to optimize small-molecule therapeutics for the treatment of congestive heart failure

Artesian will use Evotec OAI's medicinal chemistry skills for the optimization of biologically active molecules; Artesian also has the option to use Evotec OAI's biology and development chemistry expertise if required (5/15)

Exact Sciences

Genzyme Genetics (division of Genzyme Corp.; GENZ)

A royalty-free, cross-license agreement covering 15 technology patents that might be useful in developing diagnostic products and services

The companies will jointly develop specific molecular diagnostic tools in the field of hematologic oncology (5/7)

Exiqon A/S*

Phoenix BioTechnologies Inc.*

Licensing agreement for Exiqon's Locked Nucleic Acid analogue technology on a nonexclusive basis

The agreement entitles Phoenix to manufacture and sell LNA oligonucleotides for the genomics research market (5/28**)

Genomics NV*


Drug discovery collaboration in which Inpharmatica will use its PharmaCarta chemo-genomics technology platform to determine the druggability of targets selected by Galapagos in its internal disease programs

Galapagos will provide access to its PhenoSelect adenoviral expression platform for a subset of nuclear receptors belonging to Inpharmatica, which will use the technology in its in-house programs to further validate and prioritize the receptors as targets (4/29)


First Genetic Trust*

Collaboration to provide pharmacogenomics research capabilities to the pharma ceutical and biotechnology industries

The collaboration will create a research resource of large-scale clinical networks from Quebec and the U.S. (6/10)

GATC Biotech

Genovac AG* (Germany)

Agreement in antibody production

The companies will jointly offer their complete chain of production, from tissue or DNA to antibody production; they will outsource key steps, such as cloning specific cDNA or providing molecular biology services, to each other (6/4**)

Generex Biotechnology Corp. (Canada; GNBT)

Antigen Express Inc.*

Collaboration to develop severe acute respiratory syndrome vaccines using Generex's drug delivery and formulation technology

Antigen Express will use its li protein suppression and li-Key peptide vaccine-enhancing technologies in the development of SARS vaccines (5/22)

Genetronics Biomedical Corp. (AMEX:GEB)

Genteric Inc.*

Exclusive agreement covering joint evaluation of gene expression using electroporation-assisted delivery of DNA to the salivary gland

Both companies will own data generated by the research collaboration, which could lead to commercial development of multiple gene therapy products (5/22)

Human Genome
Sciences Inc.

Abgenix Inc. (ABGX)

License agreement to develop a fully human monoclonal antibody to Abgenix's CCR5 receptor

The agreement could include milestone payments that go both ways (5/12)

ILEX Oncology

QuatRx Pharmaceuticals Co.*

Agreement for QuatRx to in-license two lipid-focused platforms from ILEX

QuatRx will make an up-front payment and milestone payments to ILEX; the agreement will focus on QRX-401, which has demonstrated an ability to lower LDL cholesterol and lipoprotein (a) in primate models, as well as a twin mechanism that affects two independent risk factors of cardiovascular disease (5/21)


Oxagen Ltd.*

Collaboration under which Ingenium will use its INGENO-typing technology platform to develop animal models with defined gene alterations

The focus will be on genes relating to metabolic diseases that have been located by Oxagen's target- dentification technology (6/5)


Genicon Sciences Corp.*

Collaboration to discover diagnostics and therapeutics for infectious diseases

Genicon will provide reagents, instrumentation and software products based on its RLS Technology to support Inimex research (5/8)

Innodia Inc.*

Neurochem Inc. (Canada; TSE:NRM)

Licensing agreement giving Innodia rights to diabetes technology from Neurochem

Further details were not disclosed (5/8)


Princeton BioMolecular Research Inc.*

Partnership to produce new generations of discovery molecules

Companies will exploit their core discovery research competencies in small-molecule chemistry, including InterBioScreen's natural and synthetic chemistry, organization and resources and Princeton BioMolecular's U.S.-based molecular and medicinal chemistry research capabilities (4/29)

Intradigm Corp.*

Sequitur Inc.*

Agreement to collaborate on the application of RNAi in animal models of disease and in development of RNAi therapeutics

Sequitur will provide and license its Stealth RNAi technology to Intradigm for a number of therapeutic targets; Intradigm will provide and license its targeted synthetic gene vector in vivo nucleic acid delivery technology to Sequitur for a number of therapeutic targets (6/13)


Ercole Biotech Inc.*

Multiyear collaboration to discover antisense drugs that regulate alternative RNA splicing

Ercole will receive a license to certain Isis antisense drugs, based on the RNA splice variant research conducted; each company will pay the other for certain preclinical, clinical and commercial achievements, as well as royalties on sales; Ercole also will receive a license to Isis' Bcl-x preclinical antisense drug (5/19)

LION bioscience AG (Germany; LEON)

Silicon Genetics Inc.*

Multiyear joint development and marketing collaboration in which the companies will integrate their software technologies, Silicon Genetics' GeneSpring, LION's SRS and LION Target Engine

The integration will allow the seamless transfer of data between those products to accelerate and improve cross-functional activities within discovery (6/3)

LumiCyte Inc.*

Ciphergen Biosystems Inc. (CIPH)

Exclusive agreement giving Ciphergen rights that were granted to Molecular Analytical Systems Inc. under patents licensed from Baylor College of Medicine

Ciphergen will pay about $3M in cash and issue about 1.25M shares of Ciphergen stock to LumiCyte and will provide royalty payments, based on revenues, of up to $10M over a 10-year period to Molecular Analytical Systems; the agreement was made as part of a lawsuit between Ciphergen and the two other companies (5/30)

Lynx Therapeutics

Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc. (MLNM)

Agreement to study gene expression in specific blood cell populations

The agreement will use Lynx's Massively Parallel Signature Sequencing technology in two areas of study, to identify cell specific gene markers for a certain blood cell type, and to evaluate gene expression patterns from RNA in peripheral blood monocytes in response to treatments with specific compounds (5/15)

Medarex Inc.

Amrad Corp. (Australia; ASX:AML)

Licensing partnership for the research and development of fully human therapeutic antibodies against interleukin-13 receptor alpha

Amrad will use Medarex's UltiMAb Human Antibody Development System to generate antibodies to the IL-13 target; Medarex expects to receive license fees and milestone payments, as well as royalties on commercial sales (5/15)


Micromet AG* (Germany)

Licensing agreement for North American rights to Micromet's MT103

MedImmune will jointly develop a new class of antibody derivatives with Micromet; both parties agreed to create up to six more candidates; MedImmune is responsible for MT103's clinical development, registration and commercialization in North America, and will make milestone payments and royalty payments to Micromet (6/9)

Pte. Ltd.*

NovImmune SA* (Switzerland)

Collaboration to discover and develop immunosuppressive and immunomodulating drugs

NovImmune will contribute its biochemical and cell-based assays for specific regulators of immune response genes as targets for MerLion to screen against its sample collection discoveries will be jointly developed and shared (5/6)

Technologies BV*
(the Netherlands)

CytImmune Sciences Inc.*

Agreement to develop a treatment for solid cancers

The parties will jointly develop a safer formulation to deliver more tumor necrosis factor protein to solid tumors, and will evaluate the product in clinical studies (5/22)


Olympus Optical Co. Ltd.* (Japan)

Agreement for Panacea to develop an array of assays using the MF20 system recently released by Olympus

Further details were not disclosed (5/7)

Pepscan Systems
(the Netherlands)

PowderJect Pharmaceuticals plc (UK; LSE:PJP)

Agreement for Pepscan to license its lead prostate cancer vaccine to PowderJect

Pepscan will manage the project through Phase I trials, after which PowderJect will be responsible for further clinical testing, regulatory approval and marketing; Pepscan received an up-front fee and is due milestones and royalties (5/13)

Plexxikon Inc.*

Genentech Inc. (NYSE:DNA)

Agreement in which Plexxikon will use its Scaffold-Based Drug Discovery platform to develop a series of protein lead compounds against an undisclosed gene target in the protein kinase family

Plexxikon is scheduled to receive an up-front technology access fee plus research funding; it also could receive milestone payments and royalties (5/20)

Europe Ltd.*

Molecular Engines Laboratories*

Research collaboration focused on anticancer therapeutics

Molecular Engines will access compounds produced by the Scynexis automated Medchem Factory and its HEOS software; Molecular Engines will retain intellectual property and exclusive worldwide rights to products in exchange for technology access fees and other compensation for Scynexis technologies and services (6/4)

Tularik Inc.

Amgen Inc. (AMGN)

Agreement for an oncology collaboration

Amgen will buy 21.3% of Tularik, $35M worth of newly issued stock; it also is committing $125M in funding; Amgen will buy another $40M worth of Tularik shares over the next three years, paying Tularik up to $21M per cancer target selected; Amgen keeps exclusive worldwide commercialization rights to products; Tularik retains an option for co-promotion rights in undisclosed indications in the U.S. on a product-by-product basis (5/21)

Valentis Inc.

Juvaris BioTherapeutics Inc.*

Nonexclusive licensing agreement for Juvaris to use Valentis' plasmid backbone and cationic lipid-delivery technologies for the development and commercialization of therapeutic vaccine products

Valentis will receive an up-front cash payment and is eligible for future product development milestones and royalties on sales; Juvaris will be responsible for the development, manufacturing and commercialization of products and will bear all related program expenses (5/22)

Xenogen Corp.*

Biogen Inc. (BGEN)

Agreement that will evaluate Xenogen's real-time, in vivo imaging technology in its discovery research programs

Biogen gained a license to Xenogen's IVIS imaging system and Living Image software package, and will receive access to a limited number of Xenogen's Bioware cells and in vivo models (5/22)


# This chart does not include agreements that involve agricultural product development.

* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.

** Denotes the date the item ran in BioWorld International.

Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols listed for public biotechnology companies are on the Nasdaq market.

AMEX = American Stock Exchange; ASX = Australian Stock Exchange; LSE = London Stock Exchange; NYSE = New York Stock Exchange; OTC BB = Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board; SWX = Stockholm Stock Exchange; TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange.