Five Science Park
New Haven, CT 06511
Phone: 203-773-1450

Gualberto Rua o, CEO


Genaissance Pharmaceuticals Inc. applies population genomics, informatics and clinical data to the development of personalized medicines.

Genaissance discovers genomic markers that can predict which patients in a population will respond positively to a drug. It offers its technology to the pharmaceutical industry as a solution to developing smarter clinical trials and for improving the prescription and utilization of approved drugs. By combining informatics, genomic markers and a procedure for analyzing clinical samples, Genaissance correlates drug response with patients’ inherited genomic differences.

The company bases its technology on the discovery and application of haplotype markers. Its approach, called HAP Technology, combines its proprietary haplotype markers, called HAP Markers, with its DecoGen informatics system and HAPtyping Services. The HAPtyping Services measure the presence of HAP Markers in a patient’s clinical blood sample.

In February 2001, Genaissance joined the Functional Genomics Consortium to find therapeutic drug targets from human genome data.


Access to selected data from the HAP Database: Pfizer Inc.

Discovery, development and commercial applications of HAP Technology: Janssen Research Foundation and the R.W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Institute, both members of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies.

Collaboration agreement for shared access to GeneExpress Suite of databases: Gene Logic Inc.

Collaboration agreement to use MassARRAY system as exclusive platform for high-throughput SNP analysis in HAPtyping facility: Sequenom Inc.