P.O. Box 5702
Irvine, CA 92619
Phone: 949-788-6700

Alvin J. Glasky, chairman, chief scientific officer and CEO
Privately Held


NeoGene Technologies Inc., formed in November 1999 as a subsidiary of NeoTherapeutics Inc., is a functional genomics-based drug discovery company developing drugs designed to treat diseases such as obesity, hypertension and epilepsy.

With its expertise in neuronal cell communication, NeoGene is developing receptor subtype-specific drugs that target the G protein-coupled receptor family, concentrating on orphan receptors whose functions have not yet been identified. Its research has identified at least five orphan receptors.

The company has developed an integrated platform of technologies to discover new drug leads and to optimize these leads into drug candidates suitable for human clinical testing and commercialization. NeoGene applies its integrated technologies to either partner the development of these novel drug targets or screen for leads and develop them into clinical candidates.


In March 2001, NeoGene entered into the Drug Pfinder Agreement with Pfizer Inc. to focus on NeoGene’s research into G protein-coupled receptors whose function are unknown.