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Harvey J. Berger, chairman and CEO NASDAQ:ARIA


Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc. focuses on genomics, proteomics, protein engineering and structure-based drug discovery and development of small-molecule drugs that regulate cell signaling.

Ariad has two major research programs. The first centers on discovering and developing inhibitors of signal transduction pathways in cells responsible for osteoporosis and inflammatory- and immune-related diseases such as transplant rejection, rheumatoid arthritis and cancer. The second major program involves gene and cell therapy that includes stem cell therapy, featuring dose-dependent regulation with small-molecule drugs. It has three technology platforms, including the ARGENT (Ariad Regulated Gene Expression Technology).

Its lead product candidates, including treatments for bone metastases and bone pain, osteoporosis, cancer, anemia and graft-vs.-host disease following T-cell immunotherapy, were developed through the integration of genomics, proteomics and structure-based drug design.

Ariad plans to develop its lead products at least through Phase II trials and establish a commercialization infrastructure for selected products in well-defined markets, such as bone marrow transplantation. The company also plans to provide its proprietary gene regulation technologies to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies for their internal genomics, proteomics and drug discovery research. It will partner its gene regulation technologies with genomics-based companies for use with their proprietary therapeutic genes and cellular technologies.


Partners include Zygogen LLC and Hoechst Marion Roussel (now Aventis SA).

Ariad’s RegTech cell-signaling regulation technologies are being used by almost 500 academic investigators providing a source of potential new technologies, drug targets and product candidates that Ariad develops.