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Steve Van Dick, vice president of finance and administration and CFO
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Protogene Laboratories is developing a DNA microarray technology platform for genomics research. Protogene can produce customized microarrays for numerous applications using inkjet printing methods with proprietary surface tension chemistry for in situ synthesis.

The company’s DNA array technology has applications in pharmacogenomics and genomics, including genotyping, SNP detection and gene expression analysis.

DNA microarrays provide a means to accelerate the discovery of new targets for drug research by identifying subtle genetic variations that make individuals susceptible to particular diseases and by measuring changes in gene activity.


Collaboration to use Protogene's oligonucleotide DNA microarrays to validate their use in gene expression studies: University Health Network of Toronto.

Collaboration to develop novel single nucleotide polymorphism analysis tools suitable for use with the MassARRAY system in genomics research and diagnostics: Sequenom Inc.

Nonexclusive co-marketing agreement in marketing their respective products to microarray users within the life science research community: Silicon Genetics.