2389 Health Sciences Mall
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Vancouver, British Columbia
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Phone: 604-822-9963

Steven Pelech, president, director, founder and CEO
Privately Held


Kinexus Bioinformatics Corp. integrates genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics technologies to understand cell signaling for the advancement of drug and therapeutic discovery, disease diagnosis and biomedical research. It has developed Kinetworks proteomics screens to provide leads for its customers and to allow scientists to evaluate the relative importance of a range of signaling proteins in their research programs.

Data from the screens have been compiled and analyzed to create the Kinformatics functional proteomics databases, which are accessible by subscription through the Kinexus website. The company plans to mine the databases with bioinformatics software to uncover novel interactions between the proteins to map cell signaling networks.

Kinexus plans to produce a suite of custom antibodies against novel protein kinases that have been identified through human genome sequencing efforts and to develop high-throughput ELISA and protein chip technologies for profiling drug action and patient diagnosis.


Kinexus was incorporated in July 1999 with research originating from the University of British Columbia. The university remains a collaborator with Kinexus.